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WW Kay Corona


My name is Meghan and I have adopted WW Kay Corona, and have just re-found the little handout that came with his paperwork requesting an update. He now lives with us in Prince Edward Island, Canada. We got WW Kay Corona by way of the Maritime Greyhound Adoption Program in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Deb Levasseur runs the program. We got him in June 2014, and had originally been intending to just foster him, but we loved him so much we kept him. We changed his name to Whisky. He’s a great dog! He is affectionate and friendly, and a real people-pleaser. He isn’t shy at all, and loves to be petted by everyone he meets. He does great at meet-and-greets we do for MGAP. He can also be funny sometimes. He has only ever barked once (at birds), and has a habit of crying rather pathetically when he sees another dog. It can be pretty funny because he’s so big and lanky. It’s also quite an adjustment for him to get used to our Canadian winters, but he’s getting along great! He even has a winter coat and booties! He’s excellent on walks, and his favorite things are bones, naps, and laying his head in someone’s lap to be petted. He’s a big cuddle bug.

He gets along great with our first grey, Staal, who is a small female. She is totally the boss, and he doesn’t seem to mind.

Here’s a couple of pictures of him and Staal shortly after we got him. I’m a pretty bad photographer, but he’s a pretty cute guy regardless.

Thank you for helping get him to us! He really brightens every day!
– Meghan



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  1. Bernadette says:

    wow where did you find that crate? My dog misses his crate, and he want’s one. I can’t find one that size.