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Woofstock – Sunday February 11

>WOOFSTOCK is around the corner! Woofstock is Friends of Greyhounds’ annual reunion event and we hope everyone will come and bring their dogs and friends. We had a lot of delays in getting the location on contract but we’re all set now. This year’s party will be at Amelia Earhart park in Hialeah. They are giving us the far end of the dog park and we’ll be barricaded off from the rest of the park with our own entrance. We’ll have about 2 acres of fenced, grassy area all to ourselves. It’s going to be fantastic!

When: Sunday, February 11th, from 10 AM to 3 PM at

Where: Amelia Earhart dog park, 401 E. 65th Street, Hialeah. It’s very close to our kennel and a beautiful location. The park will charge a $5 per car admission but there is no separate admission to Woofstock.

Directions: From Florida Kennels (our adoption kennel in Hialeah), take Red Road South two lights and turn left onto 65th Street. The road does a little dogleg toward the right but just stay on 65th. The park is 1 mile down on your left side. Go through the entrance gate ($5 admission) and follow the traffic pattern. The road will bring you past the dog park. We’ll be at the far end of the dog park.

Map of Amelia Earhart Park: 401 E 65th St Hialeah, FL 33013, US

What: This year’s theme is “A Greyhound Love-In” since we’re so close to Valentine’s day. We’ll have a general costume contest and a separate award for the costume best reflecting our theme. (Valentines or Hippie – you decide) Envision Media will be on hand with their wonderful portraits. Food (hot dogs & burgers) and drinks will be available along with collars, sweaters and goodies from our shop. We’ll have vendors including the Girl Scouts (with cookies!) and the Sun States Animal Blood Bank. We’ll offer low cost microchipping and Bordetella vaccine (that’s the kennel cough vaccine your grey should get every 6 months!).

Our special guests, the Gilley Girls and their “Singing and Dancing Greyhound Comedy Show” will be performing. If you’d like to know more about this extraordinary family that crosses the country with 6 greyhounds to promote greyhound adoption, visit the Dancing Greyhound Home Page. And there’s an extra surprise from Kathleen Gilley. See the article below. Hope you’re free on Friday night!

We have invited a few other local rescue groups and greyhound groups from all over South Florida. There will be dogs, dogs, dogs. All dogs must be on a leash to avoid chaos but the fences give us some extra security. Jerry will try once again, with Gill Gilley’s help, to construct a run area so you can see how fast your dog really runs using a radar gun. We’ll have peanut butter eating contests and a new raffle where you ALWAYS win a prize. We’ll do our traditional group dog walk and then try to get the pack into one big group for pictures. And for the first time, we’re going to end with a group “roo”. I know there’s more I’ve forgotten!

What a day this will be. For Jerry and I, the best part is seeing all the dogs come back to visit – and of course you human companions, too. That’s what energizes us and makes it all worthwhile. So if you’re only going to get to one event this year, let this be the one. Bring your friends and neighbors and please leave some flyers at your vet’s office. We’re down to the wire with scheduling so internet and email are our only methods of reaching you. We hope every single one of you will come. See you there!