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Wish List – update…

There are times that the dogs need some thngs more than others. We have updated the Wish List with some minor changes, highlighted some items and retired others and brought some back onto the list that had been temporarily retired. I hope you will take the time to look it over.

But right now, Friends of Greyhounds DESPERATELY needs:

CARPET – We line the dogs’ kennels with pieces of carpet. We need new, cut-pile carpet (not berber) pieces about 30″ x 40″ or larger. We will happily pick up large remnants or rolls and cut them. (Yes, it must be new) We wash the carpets but with all the rain lately, we can’t get them dry and many have mildewed. We’ve had a good source of these for some time but we haven’t gotten any in a year or so and our supplies are totally gone. We’re filling in with bath mats and heavy towels but we need the extra cushioning and absorption that only comes with carpet.

DOG COOKIES – It’s been a long time since we ran out of dog cookies but WE NEED DOG COOKIES. We’re sooooo out! Big boxes of Milk Bones or Kirklands or Old Roy peanut butter cookies would be very much appreciated by the 46 dogs in the kennel. They go fast!

Cash or Checks – We have had several unexpected expenses with dog crises lately and a huge, ongoing drain on our medical supplies. Cosmo Mohito alone took $5,000 after an emergency surgery removing several feet of intestine and her spleen. Luckily we were able to save this sweet girl because we had the money. But frankly, it was all we had. Please help us refill the coffers. Flea & Tick meds run about $1,000 an order. We get heartworm prevention in BIG bottles and need about $300 for a purchase. Can you help?

Adopters – Don’t you have room for just one more? Or, bring your friends to the kennel. Let them see how sweet our dogs are!

TIP: An easy way to “donate” – – bring your crate back to us! You can get $50 back for your crate (which is less than our cost to buy more stock), or you can choose to take all or part of your refund in goodies from the shop, or donate the refund back to FoG! You know you need new collars for summer, anyway!

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  1. Adi Avin says:

    Michelle, I’m going to drop off JJ’s Red King’s (now Enzo) crate hopefully this weekend. I’m also going to bring a chq to cover the Heartwordm Prevention purchase. I’m really glad you’re ok and no one got hurt in the accident. You, Jerry and all the volunteers are doing such an important and amazing thing and I’m glad to help in any way I can.