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Winnie update

Hi Michelle, first let me say THANK YOU to you and Yuri for delivering
Winnie on Friday. I wanted to let you know she is doing GREAT! We just love
love love her. She is fitting into our family perfectly.

Winnie is so funny with her “hugs” – she gives me hugs in the morning when
we get up to let her out. She has not had any accidents or shown any sign of
aggression toward other animals. We took her to Pet Supermarket yesterday
and she patiently let a male boxer and some school-age children check her
out. She ignores the squirrels in the park who don’t seem to be afraid of
her either. She is a wonderful walker and stays right by my side without
much direction at all. The only we have heard her bark was at 5:15 this
morning when she needed to be let outside but then she went right back to
sleep until we fed her at 7:00. We have not been closing the door to the
crate but she does go in there on her own to sleep and to eat her cookies.
She also puts her toys away in her crate and does not seem to be interested
in them too much otherwise. I have attached a couple of pictures – enjoy!

Kind regards,