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Walking the Dogs – Would you help?

We have a problem at the kennel with the employees’ schedules.  We find that more and more often, they are doing turn-out (walking the kennel dogs) at night by themselves.  This is a dangerous situation.  If there should be a problem or a fight, you need to have two people there. This is not new and we’ve tried a number of approaches.  So this is our latest (hopefully greatest) idea.  We’re asking YOU for help.

How would you like to walk the dogs in the kennel?  They have to go out at 6 pm and you would be done about 7:30 pm.  We’re looking for two adults (like a couple or friends) to volunteer for a regular night.  You can choose what night.  We’ll train you and you will each have to get a Florida Parimutuel license to be admitted to the kennel at night.

Waiting for You.

What we envision is a duo who will be responsible for turnout every Wednesday night (or Thursday or whatever suits you).  Reliability is CRUCIAL.  You MUST show up on the night you’ve spoken for and you MUST be on time.  Everything else we can teach you or help you with.  You will need to be of reasonably sound physical shape as some of the dogs need help getting into kennels, particularly after their surgeries.

So what goes on in turn out?  You are welcome to come down to the kennel on the weekend and help with noon turnout (or an earlier one if you arrange it with Lee) and get the feel for the work.  You’ll be putting muzzles on dogs, letting them out of the kennels in small groups into the fenced, sandy areas behind the kennel building.  There is a large awning for rainy nights.  The dogs will wander about and do their business.  You’ll need to go out into the pens with them and scoop the poo. The long rake and the sandy ground make that an easy job.  While they’re outside, you’ll want to straighten out their carpets, pull and replace any wet ones and generally tidy up.  You’ll have plenty of time to play with the dogs, too.  Then that group goes back into the kennel and the next group comes out.  The dogs know the system well and that helps.  After everyone is settled back in the kennel, it’s cookie time.  Occasionally you might need to give a dog medication (usually a pill in Peanut Butter) or leash walk a sick or injured dog.  And that’s about it.

The license you need takes a little time to get as the state employees can be very hard to catch in their offices.  It will require that you be fingerprinted and there is a background check – primarily looking for felonies and/or animal abuse charges.  Don’t worry, that speeding ticket last year should not be a problem.  There is also a $50 (approximately- I don’t really remember) fee for the license.  We’ll be happy to pay that.

The idea of volunteers signing up for one night a week is in use in many adoption groups and I’m hoping it will work for us.  If we could get at least two – maybe three – of the nights of the week covered, it would be a huge relief for the scheduling problems.  You’ve always wanted time to get to know the dogs and play with them one on one.  This is an amazing chance to learn what really goes on in the kennel.  Please come see me at the kennel or call or email me ( if you think you can help.  And Thank You!