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Darla, now Shadow

Dear Michelle,

I just wanted to take a moment and update you . Shadow is doing great. She has been completely adopted by Lucy and Ginger. Her favorite hobby is running around the dog run and digging holes for fun. In fact she even barks and wags her tail when people go by on the bike path behind the house. Her social anxiety is gone for the most part, except when we have big groups of people over, or all of us go out at the same time. We still don’t have her leash trained but it’s getting worked on. Shadow loves to be petted and when people she knows come through the door she wags her tail and smiles. It takes about three visits before she lets new people pet her but that’s ok. I suspect that , over time, that will clear up too.

I hope you are doing well.

Be well,

Michelle Schiffman

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  1. Scott Sharp says:

    I am a volunteer for Friends of Greyhounds and get to know all the dogs that come through. I am thrilled to read that Darla is doing so well. She was really, really shy and timid when she was in the kennels. She opened up a little bit to me after several visits into her kennel with her — but not to the point where I thought she would ever be able to be friendly with humans. Great job, Michelle. I’m so happy to hear what I consider a miraculous followup with that precious animal.