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Volunteers needed for Project work


We always need regular, reliable help at the kennel in Hialeah and the office/ small kennel in Sunrise. But if volunteering every week isn’t good for you, you might want to take on one of our projects to complete. Some of these have been started. Some are new. Some are ideas that we’d like to find someone to run with. Some can be done at home and some need a little time at either the kennel or Sunrise office. These are all projects that we are looking for people to work on until they are complete. If you think you’re interested in handling a project, check out this list and call me for more info.
Photo Albums – Transfer the pictures from our falling apart binders into the new binders. This could be done on weekends at the kennel or weekdays in Sunrise or you can take it home. Not a big critical project but something that needs to be done.

Clippings – I have a whole bin of newpaper articles about us that need to be properly mounted into a scrap book of some sort. Nothing fancy. We just want them organized and properly saved. Collar Chain – Our chains of dog collars are so precious to us but we tend to keep them in storage until Woofstock and then it’s a hustle to catch things up. They’re sorted by year and we’re looking for a couple people to take on the project of double checking the existing chains and finalizing 2009. It’s probably a two-weekend job at the kennel.
Mailing list database – take our old list, adoption list, returned mail box, etc. and create a mailing list for us that can be easily corrected and used. Probably should be in Excel and may require making some verification phone calls.
Blue Sheet Project – This was started but the volunteer who is too busy to continue with it. This is a matter of sending out letters to get forms signed and then sending the right form to the adopter. Form letters are already written and it’s just a matter of looking up addresses and sending letters and keeping close track of what’s been done. Organized work habits are essential. Excel software will help.

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  1. Liz Vroman says:

    >These are the types of projects that I could help you with! This is what I was talking about today. We should get together and see what I can help with. Photo albums, newspaper clippings, etc. I can do that from my house! I know it's not much and I wish I could commit to every week, but that darn work thing really interferes!! Lets talk soon, tho, about some of these other "projects".