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Volunteers and Events – – & miscellaneous “stuff”

Wow, where has this year gone?  I’m still behind from the summer doldrums and the busy season for dogs and events and adoptions is right on my doorstep!  As usual, I’m already behind!  So let me give you the quick version. . .

Upcoming Events –

October 26 – Friday – from 12 noon to 4 pm, we are invited to represent FoG at the Opa Locka Coast Guard base to let the guys and gals know about us as they make their decisions about their Combined Federal Campaign payroll contributions.  This is the first time they have held an on base “expo” event in a building (all formal-like) but a volunteer and a couple of dogs and I went over there (at their request) and stood by the dining hall on Taco Day a couple years ago.  Neat place, neat people.  I’m looking for someone to go with me this Friday!  We’re still trying to find out if they will allow a dog or not.  It’s close to the kennel so I have a good supply nearby!

October 26 – Friday evening at 11:59 PM until Saturday evening at 11:59 PM, we will be participating in the 24 hour, Midnight To Midnight Mega Pet Adoption Event at Tropical Park Equestrian Center, 7900 Bird Road, Miami.  Last year they had 700 people lined up for the gates to open and had 4000 people go through the place in that 24 hours.  We have to be set up by 11 pm and we will need a number of crates there.  Yes, we will be adopting dogs that day.  We will bring adoptable dogs and allow people to place applications for them. (We will still deliver the dogs as we always have. No, people will not be taking greyhounds with them unless they are already adopters of ours.)  We will need a lot of help to cover the time.  I understand it is pretty quiet from 2 am to 9 am so you can sleep then.  Call me if you can work this event and/or have questions.  I’ll be working on a schedule.  We’ll need extra people to run adopted dogs back to the kennel and bring in fresh dogs and I’ll need extra help because (1) there is still an open house that day and (2) Jerry & I MUST be at a funeral service in Broward (like cleaned up and dressed, too) at 11 am Saturday.  It’s going to be a challenge to cover all those hours but it should be a lot of fun and you Miami folks are always asking for more local events!  Here we go!

November 8 – FoG will be presenting to the Deerfield Beach Women’s Club.

November 17 & 18 – We’ll need some extra hands at the kennel for open house as Jerry and I will be out fo town for a wedding.  Our experienced folks are especially needed.  Hope you’ll cover for us.

November 21 – Wednesday before Thanksgiving – We’ll be working with our wish lists at the Publix in Coral Springs.  Ilene Kreitzer is heading this up this year as Jerry and I will still be out of town.  She’ll need a few people to help as this is a big and important event for us annually as it brings in not only some money but lots of goodies for the dogs.   Email ( or call me and I will put you in touch with her to volunteer.  Maybe you’d like to do one at your Publix, too?  Contact me and we can work together on it!

November 26th – Monday night – You’re done with Thanksgiving and Black Friday and it’s time to relax for one night!  FoG will be doing a happy hour fundraiser (accent on FUN) at The Field, a wonderful Irish Pub and Eatery (3281 Griffin Road, Dania Beach – see ) from 5 – 8 pm.  For a $20 cash donation or $20 worth of goodies from the Wish List, you’ll have drink specials, complimentary appetizers and two tickets for the Chinese Raffles.   We’re still trying to find out if we can bring a dog or two.  There will be lots more on our facebook sites on this one! Party for the Puppies!

So that should be enough to keep you geared up for a little while.  Be sure to call me if you can help out.  Additionally, FoG is short an event / volunteer coordinator at the moment and I’m looking for someone to fill that void.  It’s a matter of getting us entered into events we want to be in and sometimes helping schedule volunteers for those events.  It can be a fun job.

I also have managed to run off both of my office helpers at the same time and I desperately need a person or two to work with me one day a week (each) regularly in the office at the house in Sunrise.  (Okay, one got busy and one’s hubby got sick – but I probably still ran them off.  I’m not easy to work with but the dogs at my house are awesome and we go to the kennel a lot.)

Watch Facebook and your email carefully – we’re trying to put together a Woofstock for December.  Cross your fingers that we can get a proper location.  I’ll let you know if it comes together.

Hope to see everybody at the Mega Adoption Event this Weekend or at the kennel!!