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Volunteer Call

We are still looking for some help in the Sunrise office to work with me regularly, one day a week.  And there are a few small take-home projects available if there is someone who lives near the office/house here in Sunrise.  These are small pieces of a large project and if you live close by or are out this way regularly, it will be easier to work on them and drop off one section and pick up a new section.  I can’t have this stuff too far away from me as I am in it for reference at a moment’s notice.

We always need sewing done for the comforters in the kennel.  Single bed comforters work great for us as is.  But the larger ones need to be cut in half and the edges have to be sewn.  Seems no one sews any more!  So I’ve taken my old sewing machine down to the kennel and I usually set it up in the room next to the shop/office.  I have been trying to do a comforter or two every weekend but I can get pulled away by other things. You can help, too.  If you know how to sew, come on down and put in an hour or two on the machine.  The area is all set up, we just need the sewers! (not this weekend, of course – party time!)

dog house 2dog bone 2We also need a woodcrafter.  We use a small doghouse and a bone design on our collar chains.  The doghouse is the year of the chain and the bones are used for dogs whose collars are missing. I have the patterns and they are just jigsawed from a thin, thin wood.  (1/8? 1/16?  Doorskin?  I don’t’ know – you’ll have to judge from the ones I have).  Can you help?