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Update on Molly/ Chloee/ Sweet Babe

Many of you will remember a beautiful white dog named Sweet Babe that we called Molly.  She had a run of bad luck with two different homes but it seems the third one was the charm.  A nice young professional couple adopted her and she lives with them on Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands.  They visited often when they were looking for a dog and then while they waited out Molly’s six-month quarantine the islands required and many of you got to visit with them.  They had truly become part of the family.  In February of last year, a month after her 7th birthday, Molly, now called Chloee,  bounded out of the airline crate and into her permanent home with Amy and Art McTaggart.  When Jerry and I visited the island on a cruise last December, we met up with the family and did our ‘home visit’!  It was wonderful to see them again and to see Chloee so happy there.

And there was some extra news that I thought you might like.  Amy and Art and Chloee have been joined by Delaney Lee McTaggart who arrived on March 8th at 8 pounds, 8 ounces.   They have a wonderful website for the baby ( and you might like to look at it.  Seems all the photos but this one are of humans but we know that Chloee is still happy and being well cared for.

Congratulations, Art & Amy & Chloee. . . And Delaney, too!