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Two Stories Merged – The Tenney Dogs Settle In

>So, to understand the background and appreciate what you are about to read, you need to do some history homework. To the left of this blog is a list of frequent topics. First came the story of Zydeco, beloved dog of Susanne & Art Tenney who was killed by pit bulls despite the efforts of Susanne and the neighbors to save her. We became friends shortly after that but they were determined to leave the area and they moved to Green Cove Springs near Jacksonville. Then we have the story of Dennis’ Dogs. Dennis Hickson was killed in a motorcycle accident on Thanksgiving day leaving behind three very loved greyhounds. They came back to Friends of Greyhounds for care. And then, mix in Louetta, a feisty black brood mom who stole our hearts. She didn’t get a listing in the blog but you can read about her special history in our Petfinder listing here.

Susanne and Art had come to the kennel for greyhound therapy after Zydeco’s death so when they were ready to adopt, they came back to us. Susanne fell in love with Louetta from her Petfinder write up but she wanted at least one more dog to keep her company. When she read about Dennis’ Dogs, she told us she wanted them. We felt bad for Louetta but pleased to be able to keep the three together and all three had been difficult to place dogs for one reason or another. But we misunderstood. She wanted ALL FOUR – the three plus Louetta. We decided she was certifiable but we did need the homes for the dogs. We tried them out together for temperament and it was a match made in heaven. We delivered the dogs to Jacksonville in January complete with sweaters and coats, dog beds, food dishes and all kinds of necessities that were donated to get them off to a good start. Susanne checks in with us regularly and sends photos. She recently wrote the following for our blog. (I think we made the right choice – and Dennis and Zydeco were definitely working on this from above!)

Susanne writes: We are so madly in love with Louetta, Ruby, Orbit and Bubby. I only have one problem…I JUST CAN’T STOP KISSING THEM…and hugging them and petting them and rubbing their ears and scratching their butts and cuddling with them. These dogs bring such joy to this home. It just seems as though these precious pooches were meant to be here with us.
It still amazes me how this all happened. The timing of everything just makes us feel that a higher power was at work on this (along with input from Zydeco and Dennis). After Zydeco’s tragic death, we just couldn’t bear to get another greyhound while living in the neighborhood where the pit bulls killed her. Although we had been planning on moving out of South Florida for some time, that incident stepped up our efforts to look for a new place to live. Then we found this lovely house in North Florida that seemed like it was made to house a bunch of dogs. When we looked at it, I could just imagine greyhounds running in the spacious backyard. We had just one task we had to complete before adopting some greyhounds…getting a new fence erected in the backyard. We scheduled that for December 2008 and after looking at the Friends of Greyhounds website, we had our eye on Louetta and just couldn’t keep her out of our minds. Then we heard about Dennis’ horrible accident and the three greyhounds he left behind. My very first thought was…”Oh My God, those poor dogs are wondering why their Daddy isn’t coming home, and they will have to go to new homes and be separated.” I immediately thought “we have room for all of them and Louetta too!” And to my surprise, my husband Arthur said “OK, we can do that!”
We’ve gotten to know and love each and every one of them, with their different personality traits and habits. Ruby is such a good kisser. She will climb halfway up in our laps and just smother us with kisses and give a big hug. She’s quite a talker too…when she wants something, she doesn’t hesitate to let us know (and I usually know exactly what she wants). Louetta is such a precious sweetheart. We love how her tail wags around in a circle when she is happy. She loves to lay on our bed, but she understands that she is not allowed on the living room furniture (we did buy a used sofa for the dogs which is in our Florida Room). When I let the dogs inside in the morning after their first of the day potty outing, Louetta will run in the bedroom and jump up on the bed to give Art his morning wake up kiss and then immediately take my spot on the bed. Sometimes Ruby joins her in this adventure. And both Ruby and Louetta are so adorable when they sleep on their backs with their long legs dangling in the air. Bubby is a fantastic hugger. Sometimes when he is coming toward me, I‘ll hold my arms out and he will run right into my arms and wrap his head around my neck and just stand there hugging me. And, last but not least, there’s Orbit…he is such a lover and is so much fun. He doesn’t like to let us out of his sight for very long…whatever room we are in, he is there too. All four of the dogs love to chase the squirrels in our backyard. They all run out the back door and across the porch, sounding like a stampede, and run around the back of the shed hoping to find a squirrel to chase. They bark at the squirrels as they run along the fence or jump through the tree branches. I must say, when it comes to the Squirrel Chasing Club, Bubby is the President and Orbit is the Vice President and the girls are members in good standing.
Louetta, Ruby, Orbit and Bubby all seem very happy and content here. I think they finally understand that this is their forever home. Everything is all settled relating to their care. We found a fantastic veterinarian who knows her stuff and has a great rapport with the dogs. They are all up to date with their exams and shots, and they have all had dentals done and their teeth cleaned up beautifully. We also recently had them microchipped for identification. We found a wonderful dog sitting ranch for them to stay at when we have to travel…a family who takes the dogs right into their home and treats them like family (no kennel situation). Although they have a huge yard to run in at home, we do take them for walks some mornings on our long dead end dirt road. And shortly after we got them, we bought a used conversion van that has plenty of room to tote four dogs. Boy do they love to go for rides!!!
Some people we know gasped when they heard that we took in four greyhounds all at once. But with our large home and over an acre of property, it is not at all difficult to have four of them. Grooming chores take a bit longer, and, yes, it is more expensive to care for four, but we would not have done this if we couldn’t handle it financially. And the love of these special dogs makes it all worth it. Susanne Tenney

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Awesome, isn’t it? Don’t you feel like a slacker with only one or two dogs now?! See you at open house! Love, Peace & Greyhounds,


  1. eag says:

    >Good news story,hope it's going well!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    >"Oh my DOG!" What a spectacular story for both Greyhounds and humans alike!
    The last picture where you see all the canines talking with their faces and of course, Susan and Art, particularly, how beautiful!
    We are envious!
    (Fingers crossed we might do the same.)

  3. Anonymous says:

    >greyt articles, michelle! this is what i was waiting to see… page after page of…LOVE STORIES. :) i was glad to see my "pet", ruby, looking so happy. she looked as pleased as could be, being loved and worshipped as the royalty she is! bless you both, art and susanne thank-you again, lisa mckenna