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Tis the Season – for losing dogs!

LOST dog posterIt seems to be the season for losing dogs.  We have had one after another.  The latest one, Lulu (Tb’s No Limit) was found safely after five days.  She had been taken in by a lady who finally saw a poster and knew who to call.  So it’s time to formulate (or review) your plan for preventing your grey from going rogue and for getting him returned if he does.  Of course, the first line of defense is to have a collar and tags on your dog at ALL times.  We have small tag collars specifically made for those of you that don’t like the look of a full collar on the dog when you’re at home.  But use something!

And then we get to microchipping and being prepared.  Is your dog microchipped and is the registration still accurate?  Can you lay your hands quickly on a good clear photo of your dog suitable for a poster?   Yes, there are lot of other things I could get into here and maybe we need to make this paragraph a whole section.  But if all of our greyhound parents out there would do the tags, chips and pix, we would be so far ahead of the game.

And in your spare time, double check the perimeter of your fences and gates.  This is the time of year when limbs grow and push fences into new shapes or critters start tunneling into (and out of) the yard… just check – for me.  You know mama worries.    And it should go without saying – but I will say it anyway – ABSOLUTELY NEVER WALK YOUR GREYHOUND WITHOUT A GOOD COLLAR AND LEASH.  Not even just to the car.  Not ever.  No excuses.  It only takes one distraction and you may never, ever see your dog again.  If you LOVE them, LEASH them.