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Thunder-phobe Dogs!

>Our Greyhound Goodies shop at the Hialeah kennel now has Thundershirts in stock. If your dog is afraid of storms or has other anxiety triggers, please try one of these. There is nothing more upsetting than watching a terrified dog, pacing and panting or hiding and whining, and there’s nothing you can do or say to calm them. They’re not designed for Fireworks but after seeing my thunder-phobe dog’s results with the coat in a thunderstorm, I’m going to try it for 4th of July. It obviously makes her more secure. I know it has to help.

The new Thundershirts are a soft knit and are specifically designed to reduce dog anxiety. At a cost of only $35 we all owe it to our dogs to try them. They are fully guaranteed. We figure they may not help ALL dogs and I’ll give you your money back if it does not help your dog. It definitely does help some and we’ll re-sell it until it gets to one who needs it. If we ask, the company will give us our money back. We have great hopes for the Thundershirt product and we are grateful to have a potential solution to this problem. I’m anxious to hear your feedback on this product, too. One of our adopters tried an earlier version called Thunder Cape. That version had a metallic-fabric lining and cost $75. Her dog loved it. This Thundershirt is even better.

While writing this blog, I went to find a photo of a Thundershirt and discovered a number of really good videos on YouTube. The most comprehensive was by the manufacturer. See it here. But there are plenty of others by private people, too. Amazing!

(Remember – you can get $50 back for returning your crate in good condition. That would pay for a Thundershirt and maybe a new little collar. . . And we can use the crates. Visit the Greyhound Goodies Shop soon.)

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  1. samantha says:


    anyone with a grey that is afraid of fireworks try these out. they helped a lot with my Dorian GreyHound! =)