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THE TOP 10 REASONS “DOC” (“Windy Spring”) NEEDS A FOSTER HOME vs. RETURNING TO THE KENNEL – From his Temporary Foster Mom

Windy Spring (Doc)

Windy Spring (Doc)

10. He’s fully leash-trained and walks like a gentleman alongside me and other dogs;

9. He’s figured out oddities in the home like sliding glass doors, mirrored closet doors and more;

8. He’s so smart that he taught himself how to run up & down a flight of stairs;

7. He’ll follow you around the house to try and assist you in the kitchen or with chores;

6. He gets along beautifully with my cat, my greyhound & animals of all sizes & types;

5. He approaches every person and dog he sees on his walks, big and small, and wags his tail till they say hi;

4. He still loves his bed (crate) and even goes in it voluntarily just to hang out;

3. He is NOT afraid of thunder (believe me, this is a HUGE plus especially in the middle of the night);

2. Going back to the kennel is so traumatic for them, as they think they’ve been bad or done something wrong;

And the Number One Reason Doc needs a foster home vs. returning to the kennel:

1. Nothing makes him happier than being by your side, giving & receiving love and affection!


  1. Erica says:

    We’ve been told he’s on his way to Greyhound Adoption of Greater Rochester, NY this coming weekend, and my husband and I have been assigned to foster him. He was just posted on the GAGR site today:

    We’re looking forward to meeting him. :)

  2. Cheryl (Foster Mom) says:

    Michelle’s planning on transporting him to another kennel this coming Tuesday, from where he can be adopted. Katherine, I don’t know who you are or if you’re possibly interested in adopting him? If so, please call Michelle ASAP! 954-937-9663

  3. Doc can be at our Open House in Hialeah any Saturday or Sunday from 10 – 3.

    But first you need to speak to Michelle so she knows when you will be there.

  4. Katherine says:

    When will Doc be out of his foster home?