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I know, Friends of Greyhounds has always been a politically neutral entity but we need to change that now. We are not pro or anti racing. We ARE Pro-Greyhound DOGS!! In light of that, we are posting the mailing from the Florida Association of Animal Welfare Organizations (FAAWO) that I just received.

The process is underway to put the decision about phasing out greyhound racing on the ballot for the November election. The Committee that works on this has to hold one more vote and the bill must get 22 votes to pass.

If it passes, it will allow the constitutional change to be decided by the voting Citizens of the State of Florida. That’s you and me!!

There are extremists on both sides throwing all kinds of horror stories out there and they are not true. The bill, IF passed, would allow for racing to continue for 18 months longer. So the farms would indeed stop their breeding programs but they’d still have racing income albeit tapering off as seasons end. I think 18 months notice that you are losing your job is pretty good.

Yes, a lot of dogs will be retiring but our adoption groups can be ready for them. All the greyhound lovers will want “just one more” greyhound because they might not be offered another for a while. Foster families will appear from everywhere and many of them will keep the dog.

The people working at the tracks and farms will still have work with the other forms of gambling and casinos. And the large tracks to land that dogs used to run on will become shopping centers and housing developments. Florida Kennels is a HUGE piece of property right on Red Road and I know developers are standing in line for that!

Greyhound racing is regulated by the State through the Parimutuel Wagering Division. According to the testimony I have been hearing, and doing the math, our taxes are funding the various bits and pieces of regulation that the state requires. We have personally dealt with some of the on-site inspectors and watched the regulations being disregarded, misinterpreted and just plain broken over and over again. And now we hear that the state regulatory agency costs more than it brings in from the various taxes, fees and fines it oversees. For those of you who have been with us a while let me add just one thing – – Where were the inspectors for D Kennel??? The two I dealt with didn’t even know about tattoos!!

Is there a downside to this proposal? Not that I see. If the politicians would keep it in its simple form and not hang a bunch of personal projects on it that can cause it to snag, it should pass through the system. Then it can be decided by all of the voting public of the state. It affects them all and they should all be aware of it.

We need to let our politicians know that the choice to race dogs should be left to the people of Florida. We should be ashamed that it has taken this long!

And if you are not a registered Florida voter – – Get Registered NOW!! Your dog is depending on you!


  1. Maria Forbes says:

    Finally, an opportunity to end greyhound racing. Get registered, get involved and most importantly, VOTE!

  2. deanne lipsay says:

    please end dog racing in florida!!!!!!!