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The D Kennel Dogs

>Open House – Their coming out party!
For those of you on our email list, this is old news. For the rest of you, let me provide a quick summary. FoG has been part of the “bail out” of a racing kennel that got into trouble. We gathered our forces and cleaned dogs and kennels, gathered supplies and generally made life a lot more livable for a kennel of greyhounds that were the subject of a state and county animal abuse investigation. We are not going public with this to sensationalize it and we hope anyone reading this will respect that stand. We are a politically neutral group. We’re only in this for the sake of the dogs.

First of all, thank you from the bottoms of all of our hearts. FoG has the most amazing group of volunteers in the whole doggone world. Our people gave huge amounts of their time, talents (vets, dentists, groomers, the whole world came out for these dogs), supplies, and hearts. They broke their necks in the hot sun, shared their lunches with the dogs, and then gave us donations to keep the work going. One of our adopters came to wash dogs after running a marathon in the morning! On Monday and Tuesday our area had an outbreak of a new strain of “Greyhound Flu” as people called in sick to their jobs so they could come work at the kennel. You are an AWESOME group of people! Jerry and I both know that we are so blessed to know each and every one of you.

With all that said, we are happy to announce that (insert drum roll here. . .) our Friends are invited to an open house in Kennel 2 this Memorial Day weekend. It’s their coming out party of sorts. Come meet our 54 new FoG dogs. They will be pleased to accept all the love and kisses you can come up with! They look forward to saying thank you to you.

The ‘Marketing’ Plan. . .
Obviously, we can’t keep them all but it does look like Joan (who had the big blue cast) will be staying locally with one of our adopter families. The rest will be featured in a “catalog” (should that be “dog-alog”?) that will be distributed by email to all of the greyhound groups in Florida. The catalog will show photos of the dogs and a brief description in hopes that if each group in Florida can take two or three, we’ll be able to move these babies into homes in good time.

Those dogs are so neat! Did you realize that between the two kennels, we have NINE sets of littermates including a set of 3 and a set of 4. That’s so rare to find. We have one pair of the most wonderful 6 year old sisters who I hope will go to a group together. It’s too much to hope they get into the same home considering their age, but they have been together so long, it’d be nice if they could be close enough to visit each other once in a while.

We’re giving the dogs to the groups for free and we will deliver them, too. So that means we’re looking for any of you or your friends who will be making a long drive in Florida during the next few weeks to let us know if you can take a dog to an adoption group for us. There’s no money in it but you’ll know you have helped a dog make the biggest transition of his life. That’s some wonderful karma.

While they’re waiting. . .
For now, we’re taking on the feeding and some of the “turn out” (walking) of the second kennel. Those of you who would like to help with turn outs on weekends, please see Lee at the kennel. We particularly need reliable help that can come on a regular basis like for afternoon turnouts every Saturday or mornings every Sunday. We don’t want to spend time training you for just one shift. All volunteers for turn outs must be over 15 and must wear closed toed shoes. (Volunteer hours are available.)

We can use younger volunteers for bathing and cleaning around the kennel and yard areas. And there are other parts of our normal life that have fallen woefully behind and will need to be caught up. Any kind of help with that would be terrific.

Last minute update…

Even while I’m writing this blog, things are changing. We now have 56 dogs in the kennel. When we worked in there yesterday, there were unidentified dogs. Lee met with the trainer this morning and two more of them are ours. They weren’t part of the original group but since we were expecting 61, what’s two more. (It’s two more lives saved. For one, it’s another litter re-united. – that’s what’s two more. Keep em coming!)
See you this weekend!!