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Super C Allie

I wanted you to know that we adopted and took Allie home on February 28th. She arrived from Florida on the 23rd, so she was only in the kennel a few days.

She is an absolute delight. She is a perfect companion for our greyhound Carla, who will be 15 in May, 3 days after Allie’s 4th birthday. Carla raced as Dutch DeCarlo and we’ve had her since she was 2.

My husband and I are both retired so we are home with the dogs most of the time.

We have had greyhounds since 1995 and lost two this winter. Skorch (Substance) developed osteoscarma. He was 14. My June Bug (Starring Role) had kidney failure. She would have been 13 in July.

Further, I volunteer when i can for the Greyhound Alliance. I just want you to know that Allie will be well taken care of. She has a Meet the Vet appointment this afternoon for a nail trim.

Allie was settled in in less than 20 minutes. She loves her toys, eats like its her last meal, and flies up and down the stairs. I am anxious for spring to arrive so we can take longer walks.

I have attached a little video of Allie with her toys. Please watch to the end as you will get a full face view.

If you would like, I would be happy to send a picture now and then so you can see her progress.

Thanks for letting the Alliance bring Allie to us,


Elkhorn, Wisconsin

[Click to view the video]