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Special Request for Greyhound Adopters

April 18, 2016
Sunrise, Florida

Dear Friends of Friends of Greyhounds –

As you know, John Grata usually handles the news through his blog on Mondays. Those of you who read regularly know what a unique spin he can put on mundane dog affairs. If you aren’t a regular reader, check him out. The blog is usually posted by Monday evening. But some things need to be handled with a bit more urgency and this is one of those things.

Since leaving the large kennel in Hialeah we have returned to our original adoption kennel in our garage. It is very limiting. We have room for eight dogs and it is not enough. The end of April is the close of racing season for Mardi Gras Track. It’s the time when owners and trainers determine which dogs will move on to race at the next venue or be retired. That means more dogs available all at one time. Without the weekend play area, we have lost touch with many of our adopters and without exposure to the new, available dogs, our families just don’t get around to adopting “just one more” like you used to!

Right now, the garage is pretty full. I am expecting to get new dogs in tomorrow and we will be totally full. We have a number of big boys that will take a while to find homes. Everyone wants the little girls but our big brindle boys are more plentiful and so sweet. And they all need good homes. And I will still have dogs waiting to come into the kennel. This is where you come in! We need your help. Here are a few ways to get involved and I hope you will see one that works for you.

  • ADOPT – If you are thinking about adopting another dog but have said you’ll wait, please change your mind and come look now. We have some wonderful dogs and we need the room. Adoption rescues the dog you take home and also saves the dog that gets that space in the kennel. FoG will always do our best to help you and be here if an adoption doesn’t work out. So go ahead, take the leap of faith. Visit the kennel and see if you fall in love.

  • FREE HOME TRIAL – Are you a little bit afraid of committing to that second dog? Then Free Home Trial is for you. It’s fostering (to relieve our overcrowding) with intention to adopt IF you find the right dog. This is only available for people with greyhound experience. You need to pick out a dog and do an application and once the dog is in your home, you can decide if he or she should stay or if you want to try someone else. When you find the right dog, we complete the adoption process. It has to be a reasonable time frame but we are pretty flexible as long as the dog is cared for.

  • FOSTER – I hate fostering dogs and it’s a desperation move on my part. But these are the times we have to offer foster dogs. Foster allows the dog to fall totally in love with you and then get pulled back out and into the kennel or to another home without understanding what he did wrong to lose you. But, sometimes it beats the alternative. This is one of those times. I am looking for people to foster greyhounds if needed. You must have some greyhound experience and we are asking for an open-ended commitment. I will take the dog back as soon as I have a place in the kennel but I cannot guarantee a specific date. Also, foster parents need to use a crate for their foster dog. We can probably scare one up if you don’t have yours any longer. When the dog comes back to the kennel and/.or goes into an adoption home, the new family will want to use the crate to get the dog on their schedule and we don’t want that to be a traumatic transition.

  • SPECIAL CARE #1 – We have one beautiful black boy named Chris who has just had a major orthopedic surgery on his rear leg. He is going to be fine but he could use a little TLC while he’s recovering. He needs short potty walks or he can amble around in a small yard but absolutely no running for a while. I’ll need his foster parent to be reasonably close to our home in Sunrise so I can get him for his additional vet visits or be willing to take him to those visits. The vet is in Deerfield. He’s a sweet boy, quiet and easy going.

  • SPECIAL CARE #2 – Darla is a sweet girl but very shy. She could be fostered if you have a fully fenced yard and your patience. She has great potential but is afraid to trust people. She is gentle and will need a crate or an ex-pen and a lot of love.

Of course we can use help at events, financial help to buy dog food and pay vet bills, and donations of rice, sweet potatoes, and all the goodies on the wish list. But if you want to really get hands on this is your chance. We need you. The DOGS need you! Time is of the essence. Please call me!

Hug your hounds for me. They are the lucky ones!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,
Michelle (& Jerry, Chumlee, Yahtzee, Lucy & Mitzi)

snail mail: 2621 NW 105 Lane, Sunrise, FL 33322
cell: 954-937-9663 – anytime!


  1. Cheryl Desmidt says:

    Michele – Chris might be a great fit for me to Foster since Gidget is only able to take short potty walks as it is. And she sleeps on the couch the rest of the day. And you know I’m nearby in Plantation. Would need to borrow a crate, but that’s about it. Let me know what you think!

  2. Angel Aponte says:

    Hello Michelle,
    Romy and I can help with fostering, we are finally situated and the house has a park right out front and we get asked questions all the time about the greyhounds and where to go to adopt and get more info and of course we always direct them to your site. There are two other greyhounds in this neighborhood one new one from you guys so at least we can help to try and get some more adopted. We are still down south in Cutler Bay so far from you guys but closer to Doctor Green if we need any medical help. Please let us know, we can drive up and help if needed.

  3. Rob Stamblesky says:

    Hi Michelle,
    Bev and I have been discussing number 6. Send pics of the new dogs you get. I’m partial to Otis, Bev is partial to Billy. We need a tie breaker (like I’m going to win anyway LOL).

  4. Beverly says:

    Keep us in mind. We have been kicking the idea around. We will be in Broward May 4-6 for a limited time for my daughters graduation. I will forward your email to Rob. We would love a blue. Every time we go to the vet she shows Rob the dogs she has fixed from injury at the track. She had a puppy he almost brought it home. We would love a blue. Wouldn’t everyone. Kennel staff usually get them here.
    Just an idea.

  5. Maria LaRue says:

    Hi Michelle,
    I am open and available to foster. I am but an ear-shot away from your Sunrise Kennel. My first choice would be Darla, but if Chris really needs us….either one. We do have a completely fenced in backyard and the pool has a safety fence to prevent accidental falls. I am a Stay@Home Mom/Wife/Teacher (We Homeschool the twins) so they would be alone very seldom (if at all). I do have a shihtzu…so the foster would hopefully not have that drive to chase the fluffy thing—LoL!!! Let me know if you need us/
    ~The Zoo Crew~

  6. Susan Eckman says:

    Hi Michelle,
    I will think about either fostering/ or trial – I would love a 3rd one. I need to see if Soleil will accept another one. DO YOU THINK a male would be better than female. Sunny could use a playmate.. Let me think and call you about it.