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We’re in the last week of April, National Adopt a Greyhound Month, and our adoptions are slow, slow, slow. Let’s get off the couch and make room for a new dog. I am going to do some wheeling and dealing to move some dogs out right now.

Ten Reasons to Adopt a Greyhound right now:

1. We have some of the sweetest, most wonderful greyhounds we’ve ever had. But it takes a real greyhound person to appreciate them. Adopting one NOW will make room for another dog to come into the kennel. Our waiting list of dogs that need a place in our kennel is huge. They’re waiting out in the racing kennels and they won’t last forever out there. Save two lives – the one you adopt and the one that gets that space in our kennel.

2. Many of our available dogs are injured or are returns or are older or are socially unacceptable for another reason. Some of them have some emotional baggage. They’re not perfect. Many of our adopters are not perfect either. How about you?

3. Some of the most wonderful greys you’ll ever meet have been overlooked in our kennel time and time again. When people visit our kennels, these dogs don’t come out to them anymore. They’ve been passed by for so long, they’ve accepted that the kennel is the best they’ll ever have. Please, don’t let that be true for them. We’ve had dogs die while in the kennel waiting for their forever homes. It sends a horrible message to the other dogs (yes, they know) and makes the FoG family feel like such failures. Please don’t let us go there even one more time. (As I write, my 13 year old brindle, Lucky, is beside me. He’s the best. We took him in November 2008 at 11 years old. We have never and will never regret it.) JC’s Kitty Tale has been in the kennel for almost THREE YEARS. Start with him!

4. We have injured dogs that are healed or almost healed and ready to go home. We need the kennel space. You can tell your neighbors that this was a champion dog who was injured in the big race. We’ll provide the scars and limps to prove it! They’ll think you are a real saint for saving that dog. We know the dog is really all healed and healthy, but you can stand there and look modest and be the neighborhood hero! You’d be a real hero to us, too.

5. Everybody wants cat tolerant dogs. Well there’s just got to be a bunch of homes out there that do not have cats that are willing to take just one more dog each! Special offer: For the next two weeks (through Mother’s day – because these dogs need moms – and/or dads!) You can take $50 off of a dog that is on our list as not cat tolerant. If you don’t have cats – Instant Savings! Gee, I feel like the progressive insurance chick! Where’s my price gun! I’m still rolling here… keep reading!

6. Every try to find a home for a black dog? It’s not easy. They are not popular because they “look scary” or worse yet, they often start to turn gray, especially around the muzzle, at a fairly young age. We like to think of it as silver highlights. They make “Lady Clairol” and “Just for Men”. Where’s our box of “Just for Hounds”. Get one of these guys out of the kennel before they get worse, please! How about $50 off on black dogs, too!

7. Let’s talk about our knee high pile of returned dogs. You can get a dog that is already trained, knows what to do and how to do it and how to make you love them. This economy has caused a lot of people to lose homes and jobs, etc. and have to give up their dogs. Some have had medical situations and one owner just plain died. None of this is the dog’s fault. They need homes so badly. They have known the good life and the love that is found in a home. Max (Pat C Red Park) is 10 years old, sweet as sugar, and didn’t even come from us but he’s in our kennel now. It has got to be so much harder for them to be back in the kennel. Please, get them out of here! $50 off on returned dogs!

8. Incentives – What will it take for you to adopt just one more dog? Our normal adoption fee is $225. We’ll give you….
• $50 off on black dogs (there are 8)
• $50 off on dogs that are not cat tolerant (there are 36)
• $50 off on injured/ broken dogs (there are 5)
• $50 off on returned dogs (there are 11)
• $50 off on dogs in the kennel over one year (there are 7)
• Offers CAN be COMBINED – – A black dog ($50) is returned ($50) and there over a year ($50) – your adoption fee would be $75!! Oops – he’s not cat tolerant? Make that $25. And we deliver!
Adoption Incentives are available until Sunday, May 8.

9. Free boarding and doggie daycare. I will add two weeks (14 nights) of dog sitting at my home in Sunrise for any dog adopted during this promotion. You can use it a day or weekend at a time or all at once. And if you live in the South Miami area, our friend Priscilla Bakes at Dog Dude Ranch will make the same offer to you since you’re too far from me. They’ll give you 14 nights at their place – OR – you can use it in Doggie Day Care at her place. An added bonus – Penrose Cody who has a broken leg that is about 80% healed, was fostered at Dog Dude Ranch and if you adopt Cody, they will include LIFETIME dog sitting for free! WOW!

10. Greyhounds are the most wonderful addition you can make to your home. Adopt one of our special dogs and learn for yourself how about their love. They are not all perfect, young, white, dogs. But any dog owner will tell you that the dog they’ve had the biggest challenges with is probably the dog that brought them the most love and made the biggest impact in their life. Go ahead, find out for yourself. Adopt one of our less desirables now. Adopt a tough sell dog. Take a black one. Work with the one that’s food aggressive and you’ll have to earn his respect in baby steps. Remember the one that’s so scared to be out of her crate that she makes mistakes in the house. Give them a chance. Please?

See YOU at the Kennel! ? !


  1. Liz G. says:

    Just adopted a very dark(almost black) brindle with a healing broken right hock. What can I say? She is smart, loving, not only cat safe but cat loving, happy, gorgeous, sweet and a pleasure to have around. She makes our lives(me and 3 cats) better. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider a black dog or an injured dog. My girl’s name is Trixie (racing name : Roc A By Tweeze)and you will see us visiting the kennel on the weekends. Please stop by and say hello.
    Liz and Trixie

  2. Kari says:

    I have been wanting to adopt another greyhound since my sweet Joker passed. I love the black boys but none are listed as cat tolerant. I am inheriting a sweet and very energetic boxer soon. It would have to be a greyhound who loves other dogs and is cat tolerant!! :)

  3. Kari says:

    I have been wanting to adopt another greyhound since my dear sweet Joker passed away. I love the black dogs but none of them are cat tolerant :( I will be inheriting a sweet 5 yo boxer soon so it would need to be a greyhound who would share space with other dogs and is cat tolerant!!

  4. Maria LaRue says:

    Poo!! Oakland Neptune got adopted. I’m happy but sad because I was really thinking of her tons. She reminded me deeply of my beloved Grace. My home is home to two 5 year old twin girls who miss their greyhound. It is also home to my little Negrita (a wired hair terrier mix) who seems utterly lonely with no one to play during backyard time. We don’t want to rush into anything and have been patiently waiting for that special one to grab out attention…just like Grace did. I am sure she is out there!

  5. Alicia says:

    Ohhhh you guys make me want to cry so bad! I desperately want more greys, but we are in NY and so far from you guys and financially there is no way for us at the moment. I have reposted this on my FB page though, just in case, in hopes someone I know in FL reads this and can consider adpoting one of these beautiful, wonderful creatures!

  6. Robert Anderson says:

    We would to help out by getting another greyhound.
    The only problem is that I wont drive to Hialeah. If and when you bring some doge to the Coral Springs,
    Sunrise area we would be very, very happy to adopt one of your dogs.We have had 2 wonderful dogs in the past and loved them dearly. When they passed it was had to think about another dog.
    Now my wife is ready as am I to save and love another wonderful dog. Please advise.
    Robert Anderson
    954 346 7789

  7. Jerry says:

    Will someone please adopt Oakland Virtue (Lilly). She is 3 years old, fawn red and had a broken leg. I fostered Lilly through her recovery and she still lives at my place. Lilly is cat tolerant and I’m trying not to spoil her too much so you can have all of the fun. I’m bringing her to Open House every Saturday & Sunday, but until she is adopted I have no room for the next injured dog that needs fostering.
    — Jerry (the volunteer)