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Roadrunner Michelle

You know those cartoon characters that run really fast but don’t get anywhere at first and then suddenly they take off in a cloud of dust! I’m in that running fast but still in place stage! ARRRGGGHHH!!! There’s a whole crew of us working and a whole bunch of people donating but we still have so far to go. Can’t wait until some of our larger sources come through. We’re applying for grants and have promises for the future from some of our adopters but for now, we’re chugging away.

We have raised 30% of our down payment and refurbishment fund. That’s a lot but not enough. We need a proper down payment to commit to a kennel as well as the money to build or buy kennels and install the fixtures or fencing or whatever we need to make a rural house into a proper kennel. If we’re not fiscally responsible in how we approach this new property, we could run the risk of losing it. And we will not put FoG in that position. We have to get into it in such a way that we can afford to stay there. We have a plan and we need to work that plan even though it feels like it is taking forever. No one feels that snails pace more than I do, believe me. But the dogs need a place and people need to know that they can come there to adopt these wonderful greyhounds and to let them visit and play. We need to be there long term so that people remember where to come when they are ready for another dog, or if crisis hits and they need to return a dog. Our down payment money is at 30%. We’ve got to keep working!! Please do what you can to help. We are building momentum but they are running for their lives!

We’ll be bringing a few of the available dogs to the Pet Supermarket in Ft. Lauderdale this Saturday (10/4) from 10 to 2. If you are around, please stop and say hi – or come volunteer with us.

On Monday (10/6) we will be at Whole Foods in Coral Springs to have our photo taken as they officially present us with the check for the $1100 dollars that all of you earned for us by bringing your own bags and donating your dime. That’s a lot of dimes and we are very, very grateful.

Sunday, October 19th, we’ll be dog-partying at Quiet Waters Park’s Splash Adventure in Deerfield Beach. Click here for information on the FoG Dog Splash. We’ll have some snacks to sell and maybe a raffle or two but the best part is that from 5 to 6, the greyhounds will have the doggie pool to themselves! There is a fee for it but it will be wonderful!

There are a few other things in the works, too. Saturday, November 1st, Mike Boruk’s family will be doing a fundraiser for FoG at the Walmart in Coral Springs. This is a school project but many of you know Mike and the kids from the many events they have helped us with. You might want to ask if they want an extra person or two or if you’re in the neighborhood, just stop and say hi.

While we are wandering in neighborhoods, if you’re near our house in Sunrise, the Greyhound Calendars are in! There are not a lot of them but I have both wall calendars ($12) and the datebooks ($17). Both are overloaded with wonderful color photos of greyhounds to tickle your heart every day of the year. I’ll try to remember to take them to events, too. But you know me. . .they might or might not make it!

Saturday, November 15th, we will be part of the Pet Expo in the Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center. We have a corner booth and the show is from 10 am to 6 pm. They expect 8,000 to 10,000 people. We will definitely need help with this event and dogs will need to be rotated. We are probably also going to try to run some raffles there to raise money so that takes some extra helpers, too. But the booth is only 10 x 10. Please, if you intend to volunteer, let me know in advance. The booth is small and we need to be very coordinated. They have some good training information online and I’ll send you the link to it.

We are trying like crazy to find a location for a large auction/ cocktails/ apps party hopefully with the dogs. We recently received a donation of a collection of artwork and with the other goodies we are collecting, we’d like to do something around November 20th. That way we could distribute flyers for it at the Pet Expo, too. We’re still looking for a site but we’ll see what happens. Keep us in mind when you come across items that would be great in an auction or raffle! And cross your fingers we find a perfect spot!!

And one last happy note – – America’s Backyard was such a great success, we’re doing it again January 16th! So keep an eye on the website and your email. We’re out here wagging our tails and saving up our cookies to get into that new kennel and get back to having enough dogs in the kennel for people to actually have a choice! That’s not to say that our current dogs aren’t all very special – – well, maybe you should come meet them for yourself!

Have a wonderful week and give your dogs a kiss from me. I miss our weekends so badly. Gotta get a new setup – soon.

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,