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Projects and Prospects

Dear Friends of Friends,

I haven’t written an update in a while but I know John has been keeping communications open through his Monday evening blog. But I’d like to catch us up on some projects and prospects. I hope you’ll take the time to at least scan all of this!

Eleven Greyhounds moving North – If for some reason you haven’t heard, we will be taking a load of Fogdogs in the van to our good friends up at the Sunburst Project kennel in Ebro. This will be our 16th run of dogs to them and they in turn send the dogs out from our overloaded state of Florida to other states that don’t have access to greyhounds. It’s a wonderful grant funded system started out of Illinois. A number of volunteers from different groups pull together to make these runs work. It’s an amazing way to share greyhounds from the overloaded racing kennels with the waiting adoption groups in other parts of the country.

Jerry Deitch (Our President!) and Mike Smith spent most of the morning putting the kennels in the van. It’s a complex system of small kennels and large kennels stacked and pushed, zip-tied and bungeed and secured against the cargo rails. Once the blankets and toys are in place, we add dogs and leave. On this 10-hour trip we will be taking 11 dogs to Ebro where they will rest up before heading on to their new homes. It’s exciting work.

Want to help? I still need a co-pilot for the overnight trip. It needs to be a female because we share a hotel room. We leave Wednesday the 27th (three days away!!!) about 6 AM and get back Thursday evening. I will probably do most of the driving but I do need someone who can drive just in case there’s a problem. Most of my co-pilots have spent their time texting the world about our trip and/or posting our progress on Facebook, or napping. This trip pays nothing but we do pickup expenses. If you can go, please call me (Michelle) at 954-937-9663 or email me at .

Thank you, Fosters! I want to remember to thank our foster parents who have helped by housing the overflow of dogs. Sometimes it’s been a balancing act getting dogs to where they needed to be but it has almost come together now. I still have one more dog in foster that needs to come here for the Tuesday trip but I’m hoping to address that issue in a short time. Just have to squeeze in one or two more kennels. . . find the crowbar!!

Greyhound Gathering Meantime, there are things going on besides the Sunburst trip. I’m sure you all follow John’s Monday Blog. If you don’t, it appears on our website every Monday evening. John has a unique writing style and a unique view on life. Be sure to check it out. It’s habit forming. And on John’s blog you will find information about our gathering this Sunday, January 31st at the Flamingo Road Nursery (NOT Gardens), 1655 Flamingo Road, Davie. That’s one mile south of 595 at the Flamingo Road exit. This is a special occasion as it is Jerry’s (our President’s) birthday. I’ll bring some cupcakes and we can make a fuss over the old geezer!! The best thing you can get him for his birthday is a chance to visit with lots of his greyhounds. We really miss those weekend open house times at the kennel. Just the chance to sit and visit with all the dogs makes the hard work worth it. So please bring your greyhound to wish Jerry a happy birthday. Can’t wait to see all of you and tell you all about the trip. (Click here for driving directions.)

Other Projects: When I return our house kennel will be very low on dogs. Unless new ones come in, we will only have three available dogs. That’s okay for a short time as we have a lot of cleaning, deferred maintenance and improvements that desperately need to be done. We want to put an awning (retractable) and patio stone (about 8′ x 12′) outside the back door. This way when the dogs run outside (which they do at least 4 times a day) they won’t dig holes in the dirt as they turn to take off. And with an awning, they will be able to run outside and handle nature’s call even if it’s raining. Now when it rains we have huge puddles right in front of the door to the yard. The rainy season wreaks havoc in the kennel. We would also like to create low, brick divider walls between the chain link kennels. A low wall will allow blankets and toys to stay in their own kennels and when someone has an accident or water spill, it won’t roll all the way down and soak the blankets and bedding in all five kennels. So we are looking for help, material and experienced volunteers. If you can help with any of this, please feel free to call me (cell above) or Jerry (954-937-3647).

Thanks for all you do for your dogs. Please give them a kiss for me and I hope to see all of you at Flamingo Road Nursery on Sunday, the 31st.

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,
Michelle & all the dogs!

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