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Pre-Memorial Day Party at the Kennel! Saturday, May 17 & Sunday, May 18

The FogDogs are having a party at the kennel and you just HAVE to come!

P1030534Where there’s a will, there’s a Weaver, and there’s a way we can party! We’re pulling out the grill and holding a “Pre-Memorial Day Party”. We’re celebrating that we are still out here adopting dogs in the parking lot! We’ll have cold drinks and hot dogs and cookies and a table for any goodies that anyone might care to bring. (If a greyhound eats a hot dog, is that considered cannibalism?) We’ll have people to go to the kennel and back to bring out kennel dogs for those of you that are willing to handle the leashes. We’ll abide by the new kennel regulations but we’ll still have our picnics!

Lynn Piper, our collar lady is coming with all of her goodies. If you missed her at Horses & Hounds, here’s your second chance! Get your dog a new look for summer. Lynn is doing lanyards and some other things, too. Now your poo-bag holder can match the dogs’ collars! (You didn’t even know you needed that, did you!) We have a couple of new things in the shop (like a greyhound wind chime) and a few old favorites are back in stock (like the running dog magnets). Worm kits, Bordetella, microchipping are available every weekend including this one.

P1030057And MOST IMPORTANTLY – – the collar chains are coming out! It’s been a while and it’s going to take some last minute work to get them up to date but it’ll be worth it. Let’s all celebrate the fogdogs we have gotten into homes and re-commit to the project of getting homes for all the retiring racing greys. If you have never seen the collar chains, please be sure to come down on Saturday, May 17th and Sunday, May 18th. It is an awe inspiring sight. We have saved the plastic kennel collars from the dogs we have adopted out or transported to other groups for adoption. We attached them to plastic chains and clip the chains to the chain link fencing in the parking lot. When we started in 2001 and adopted 7 dogs, it was cute. Now that we are are doing 300 a year and have helped over 1800 dogs into homes, it is not cute. It is breathtaking! (Not bragging – just telling the truth.) You’ll look for your dog’s collar and remember that first day when you two met or when your pup was delivered. And then multiply that first day feeling by 1800. And growing.

So come out and have a hot dog with us. Bring the dogs if you can. (That’s the whole reason we do these things – we love to see the dogs come back to visit!) Yes, we’ll be in a little less space but we’ll make do. And maybe a few of you will even leave with a new dog. Bring the neighbors. Bring the relatives. But come on down. We miss you!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,


  1. lisa6dog says:

    I can’t make on Saturday due to work, but on Sunday I’ll bring the chips and homemade salsa!!