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Pet Insurance Primer

>When a pet gets sick or injured, you face some scary decisions. It’s hard enough to be confident in your choices about vet care and treatments but then muddle it all down with this economic crisis and we’ve developed a real pet care crisis. I know. I have personal dogs and adoption dogs so I face these same decisions times 50.
I get occasional calls about Pet Insurance. I’m the first to admit that I don’t know it all. But I’m the first to brag that I can find someone who does! If you are considering Pet Insurance, I urge you to check out Should You Buy Pet Insurance by Liz Pulliam Weston on MSN Money. (Be sure you look at page 2 also – it’s easy to miss it and has some critical info.) You need to consider issues like what you want covered (just accidents or major medical or annual shots?) and how much you can reasonably afford for a long haul. Like human insurance, the younger you get the insurance, the less expensive it is. As the dog ages, the price goes up. A new policy on a 7 year old is more than renewal on a 7 year old. We find the 7-8 year old bracket seems to be the most critical time for major problems to arise.
One of the best, best pet insurances out there according to one of our adopters who has really researched this stuff (6 dogs and a cat!) is Pet’s Best. The real bonus with this company is that it is run by real people in a reasonably small office. You can actually talk to someone who knows the answers you are looking for, they keep the overhead down and they pay the claims quickly. They offer a variety of coverage plans and the descriptions are easy to understand. If you have questions, pick up a phone and ask them.
Another thing to consider is getting a CareCredit Card. If you are like us, the credit cards that remain are not in the best of shape these days. A CareCredit Card is a program designed to be a lower rate card for vet emergencies. If your vet accepts the CareCredit Card, they will have the forms available at the office. The site lists an app online but I have tried it several times over the past few years and it never seems to be working. My thought is to go to the vet office and get the card in advance of the emergency to give you a little peace of mind.
I hope and pray all of our dogs live to ripe old ages and pass away in their sleep dreaming of chasing bunnies and playing with toys. But the reality isn’t so sweet. All we can do is be prepared. Like they say: Hope for the best, Prepare for the worst and take what comes.

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  1. Angela H says:

    >Great article. I totally agree with you in that pets do get sick and injured and pet insurance is extremely beneficial to have. pets are family members too and they deserve good health care.

    We got pet insurance through Trupanion earlier last year. I’ve had a really good experience thus far and after reading up on them, hearing a lot about them, and comparing policies between companies, I decided to go with them.

    What I like about Trupanion is that you can pick your own deductible, they pay 90% of your vet bill, they are vet approved, their premiums don’t increase with pets age, and they cover hereditary and congenital disorders.

    Worth checking them out.
    They also have comparison charts on their site so you can compare rates and policies with all the pet insurance companies in the US. I found that really helpful when I was shopping around.