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Parties & Puppies & other stuff

Come To The Kennel – FoG is moving out dogs like crazy.  But, unfortunately, they are coming in just as fast.  So if you or a friend is considering adding a greyhound to the family, come to the kennel.  You know we haimage1ve the best dogs in the whole world!  And they’re fun to visit with, too.  Be careful – stay too long and we’ll put you to work!

Co-Pilot Wanted  I’ll be taking a third load of 12 dogs up to the Sunburst Project on August 27th.  I’m looking for a co-pilot if anyone can spare a couple of days to ride in a van for almost 20 hours with me.  (Hmmm.  Maybe I should re-word this part or I’ll never get a co-pilot) The hours are terrible but the hotel is decent and the dogs are great company for the first day.  On the second day you’re just stuck with me.  It is a chance to see the landscape of Florida and to really make a difference for these dogs as we start them on their trip from our dog-saturated area to the waiting arms of northern and midwestern adopters who no longer see greyhounds.  It’s a big trip and will get them the wonderful homes they deserve.  Wanna make a difference?  Call me!

Did you know that Monday, August 26th is National Dog Day?  I don’t know why it is but my calendar says it so it must be true!

Labor Day Weekend Party – Lets celebrate our successful summer with a Labor Day party!  On Saturday, August 31, we’re rolling out the BBQ.  We’ll do burgers and hot dogs and we’ll figure on “pot luck” for the rest.  Bring something for the table if you can – like salads or chips or dessert.  (Note from the President to Mr. Mike, we’re counting on potato salad & cole slaw!).  And Sunday will be leftovers, too!

I hear Lynne Piper, better known as the “collar lady” is coming so we’ll make sure she has lots of room so you can see her amazing collar selections.  If you have older or worn out martingale collars you no longer use, you can bring them in and if she can re-use the hardware, it will help her keep her costs down for us.  She’s been so generous to FoG and helps in so many ways.  We are lucky to have her!

Speaking of collars – – – in case you didn’t know about it, Tide makes a small bag – kind of shaped like a hatbox with zip off area on both round sides.  It’s called a “bra-bag” and it’s sold in Walmart by the ironing boards and I’ve been told sometimes Publix has it.  It’s the best thing ever for washing your collars and leashes.  The collar goes in one side and the leash in the other (no tangling!).  You throw it in the washer with a load and in the dryer.  It makes collars and leashes so much easier to wash.  No more excuses.

Wish List – Be a Hound Hero!  FoG always has our standard wish list but we do get donations from suppliers of things so what we need kind of waxes and wanes.  Right now, the items that are high, high, high on the wish list are:

Disposable Gloves – Medium size  —  Pine Sol  —  dry dog food  —  paper towels  —  Febreeze spray  —  Lysol spray  —  6×8 Heavy Duty Tarps   —  white copy paper  —  Tall Garbage bags  —  Peanut butter  —  
Canned Foods – dog food, canned sweet potato, Tuna, Mackerel, Sardines,  Gravies or Broths, Peaches, Pears,  Pumpkin, Carrots

Please Remember   We are moving a lot of dogs right now and we lose money on every dog we move out. Vet bills and food bills, supplies and utilitites – every expense has gone up.  Your donations help bridge that gap.  Please help out if you can. Send a check or donate online or stop in the shop on the weekend.  We need you.  There are so many dogs out there and fewer groups to help every year.  We are in the “dead end” of Florida and we NEED to move dogs north.  Even the smallest donation can help fill the gas tank or fill a dog bowl.  Your loose change can change a greyhound’s life.  Donate goods.  Donate money.  Shop in our Greyhound Goodies store.  Run a collection drive at work or school.  You can be the difference for a dog.






Go ahead – Be a Hound Hero!  Their fate is in your hands.