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Our Hearts and Our Sympathies and Our Prayers

I know that this is not a forum for personal comment but I feel so strongly about the heinous shooting in Orlando that I cannot let it go without saying something. The dogs Jerry and I care for are family to us and we carry them in our hearts all the time. When we adopt a dog to other people, we are extending our family. We have a number of adopters with strong ties to the LGBT community and to the Orlando area. I know many of them are stunned and hurting right now. I just want them to know that we are all horrified by the cold blooded cruelty of the murders at Club Pulse and we are so very sorry for all the pain that horrible man has caused. Fifty people died on the scene. Fourty-nine of them were innocents and number fifty was the shooter. Death was too easy for him. There are still many more victims in hospitals.

It’s not right and it’s not the American way. Jerry and I and our family and all the greyhound families that make up Friends of Greyhounds offer our hearts and our sympathies and our prayers. Whether you are straight or gay or martian, black or white or brindle there should be a voice inside demanding our attention. It might be religious teachings or scouts or Jiminy Cricket, but somewhere we all get introduced to right and wrong. This was 100% wrong and we are so, so sorry for all the people in Orlando, residents and visitors. It will be a long time before it regains the title of the Happiest Place on Earth.

God please grant us Peace – – and more common sense and compassion!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,