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Our Golden Girls – the Sweetest Pair

We have a pair of very special dogs in our kennel that are being overlooked.  They are M’s Pretty Lori (sometimes called Stella) and Dynamic Macy (sometimes called Gumbo) and they are victims of divorce.  They are sweet, gentle and so ready to walk into the right home – together, I hope!  Lori is a shiny black girl and Macy is a beautiful blue brindle with big ears. Small and slender, they make such a pretty pair.  They are healthy, happy and wonderful girls but not cat tolerant which has kept them from ending up in my house!  They are sweet, sweet, sweet!

LoriMaceyThey are very, very attached to one another and we would love to get them a home together.  They like sleeping on the same bed so if your place is small, they’d still fit right in.  They really don’t need crates any more but are perfectly fine with getting into one if you want them to. They are both seven years young, healthy, alert, playful and so affectionate.

They are so special that I can’t bring myself to have them live in the kennel so they are living in the garage/kennel at my house.  When I let them out, they both run out the door to the yard and then Macy does a quick run back inside to say hi to me, get a kiss and runs back out.  They both have soooo much love to give.  And they get along with everyone.  They are good leash walkers and have not had a single accident.  And did I mention they’re sweet?

Lori & Macy were returned because mom and dad broke up.  Dad thought he could keep them and did for a while but his situation changed and he had to bring them back to us.  Their mom came to visit the following week.  Both parents were upset about giving them back but we promised to do our best to keep them together.  These dogs did nothing wrong to be returned.

So, I guess I need someone out there to bail me out on that promise.  They’re small and don’t take much room. Please remember we offer “free home trial” so if they didn’t work for you, we will be here to take them back and try again.  Because they’re such a pair, I would think we can talk the Board into letting them go for one adoption fee.  And I might be talked into some free dog sitting, too.  So are you ready to meet the Golden Girls?  They’ll be at open house this weekend.  I hope we’ll see you there.  Please try to make room for just two more!  They deserve a good home – and they’re sooo sweet together!