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Notes from the Kennel

Just a quick update on “stuff”
Truck Update – I am still tooling around town in a rental van and it’s costing a small fortune.  I miss my truck desperately but it is safely tucked in the body shop in Arrigo Dodge and I visit it about once a week.  The process, as I have learned, is that the insurance appraiser comes in, evaluates what damage he can see, and then the insurance company decides what they are doing. In this case, they cut a check for the visible damage.  Then the body shop takes off those broken parts which gives access to the next layer of parts that were damaged.  Then you get the appraiser out again (8 days last time), another check, take off parts, evaluate again, and continue in rounds until you get to an area without any new broken stuff.  It is taking forever! The body shop consoles me by saying they have ordered and received everything that they know has to be replaced and as soon as they get the “next” approval, they can put the truck back together pretty quickly.  We are still going to need to cover the rental, the deductible ($500) and we need four new tires.  Any donations you can spare would be very much appreciated.  And if you could donate some patience to me… I need it RIGHT NOW!

Big White Dog

Returning Dogs– this seems to be the “season” for returning dogs.  Many dogs are still bouncing out of their homes due to our economy and the stress it has placed on the families. Occassionally is has to do with behavior issues but often it’s something not related to the dog.  Please consider adding one of our special dogs to your home.  A dog that has already been in a home or perhaps one of the retired brood moms (professional puppy factories!) can make the most wonderful, wonderful family members.  And you’ll know more about them from the beginning than you do with our fresh from the kennel dogs.   Jerry & I just brought in a girl that came from the Pompano Animal Control just covered in  ticks.  By the time we’d gotten her cleaned up, she was part of the family.  She’ll be 10 on Sunday but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a whole lot of love left to give.  (We’re still working on a new name for “Hazel”!  Any ideas?)  We have old ones, young ones & misunderstood problem children. Each one is perfect for someone.  Please come look!

Help Wanted Ads – If you haven’t already seen the banner on the front of the website, let me tell you – We NEED a new doggie photographer.  Please check out the home page for details.  We also need a person or two who could sew blankets for us.  We have a number of very large blankets that we need to cut in half and machine sew the edges.  Please call or email me.  There’s only about 10 or 12 to do. It’s a great summer project for one of our teachers or a student.

Weight Loss – I’m not fishing for compliments here.  But, I’ve heard the whispers and I would like to put some rumors to rest.  Jerry and I have been on a diet and it is working well.  We have both lost quite a bit of weight and we’re getting healthy so we can be with these dogs a long, long time.  Neither of us is sick so please don’t be concerned.  It’s on purpose, I assure you!  And if you go to Quick Weight Loss, tell them Michelle sent you!

July 14th- Party at the kennel!  Details are in the blog.  Don’t miss it!  Statues & collars, collar chains & food, dogs & tie-dye shirts, oh my!

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  1. Kari says:

    What happened to Penrose Jacinto? He is back again. That sweet boy needs to find a forever home :)