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Tim and Cindy Stockman have two passions – Art and Greyhounds. For Cindy’s 50th birthday, they’re combining the two. You are invited to the celebration and FoG is the special recipient. A wine & cake reception will be held on Saturday, December 9th, at Studio 19 Fine Art (933 NE 19th Ave, Ft. Lauderdale) and $100 will be donated to Friends of Greyhounds for each piece of art purchased. There’s a nice flyer you can see by clicking here. Jerry & I (Michelle) will be there with a couple of adoption dogs and we hope to see you, too. Cindy says it would really top off the evening if she could chalk up an adoption along with the sales. Come visit the gallery. Share a glass of wine, do some Christmas shopping and help support greyhound adoption, too!

Petco was a tremendous success. Our volunteers did 30 dog washes and 41 nail clips. We lost a bit on the food sales but the brisk sweater and collar sales sure made up for it. Gilley Girls were fabulous. How come my dog can’t do that? Only time she jumps is to get up on the couch! The Gilleys tell us that they have a different show for all greyhound groups so we can’t wait to see them at Woofstock in February! Check out the Gilley Girls’ homepage. Want to see photos from Petco? Click here.

Now it’s time to move on to Woodstock – don’t confuse this with Woofstock. Woodstock (as in Woodstock, NY, music festival of the 60s) is a big local craft show held in Sunrise. Woofstock (WooF as in Bark- bark) is our annual gathering of the greyhounds. Woodstock will be held this weekend and we can use a few more volunteers for the booth in Sunrise as well as to help cover the kennel in Hialeah for the weekend. It’s a really great craft show – very unique items! If you’re interested, give me a call at 954-578-0072. If you don’t reach us there, use the cell phone numbers given.

On Sunday, December 10th we will be holding a FoG planning meeting at Florida Kennels in Hialeah. Hopefully by then the renovations will be completed but if not, we’ll just work around the mess. We’ll cover details for Woofstock as well as outlining plans for 2007. Woofstock is planned for February 11th, the Sunday before Valentine’s day. We need lots of help to pull this and our many other projects together. Woofstock was wiped out last year and we really want to make it up this year. If all of our people could each help out a little bit, we sure would have one heck of an event.

This is also the time to bring your ideas and concepts to the table as we’ll be discussing our direction for the year. What works? What doesn’t? What would you like to see us doing? How can we adopt out more dogs to wonderful homes? Adoption is our bottom line and whatever we can do to support our mission is what we want to know about. Please, please, come offer your help and ideas. Please join us Sunday, December 11th, 3 pm at Florida Kennels.

About a month ago we sent out an email to tell the world about Millie, a senior girl with cancer who needed a permanent foster home. Well I would never have imagined the response! Our FoG people are the absolute best. I could have chosen from a dozen homes for Millie but the first call came about 20 minutes after the email hit. Leslie and Marian Glynn are a mom and daughter team that have two greyhounds. They recently lost an older dog and had just been talking about looking for a new addition to the family. Both are specially trained nurses and no strangers to cancers like the one Millie has. It was a match made in heaven. Millie is now part of the family and I hear she really keeps Gus (Jetstar Dazzler) on his toes! Thank you, Leslie, for that quick call. Sure seems like this match was made meant to be.

And so… Meet BAXTER who needs a home. Do you think we can find him someplace special before Christmas? Bonnie and Baxter have been in our kennel a long time and we had been reluctant to break up the pair. However, Bonnie is getting pretty old and perhaps a little senile so we think it’s time to let Baxter who is only 8 years young have a chance at a home. They’ve been in our kennel for so very long. Baxter is healthy and happy and playful for eight but he’s not cat tolerant, one eye is clouding over. He still has some sight in it as far as we can tell. It may stay that way or get worse. No one knows. He’s that very unpopular black color with a little gray in the muzzle. We think black dogs are the most handsome but it’s sure the toughest color to adopt out. Baxter likes everyone but is especially affectionate with men. So we’re willing to make a special “deal” for Baxter. The FoG Board does not allow us to discount an adoption fee (we have so much more than $175 invested in these dogs!) but if you decide to adopt Baxter, we’ll provide the crate, 50 pounds of dog food, and whatever other goodies we can rustle up around here to sweeten the deal. Baxter lives at our Sunrise kennel. If you are interested, he will be brought to Hialeah or an event to meet you. We love Baxter and having him with us in Sunrise but he really deserves a good home. If that home is yours, please let us know

Our adoption office and Greyhound Goodies shop in Hialeah are finally under renovation and expansion. We’ve added a whole bunch of new lines that we hoped would make greyt Holiday presents but the remodeling is taking longer than expected. We hope to have everything ready by the weekend of December 9 & 10 and we’re going to break out the new lines and start the shopping whether the walls are ready or not! Please visit our store to see some neat new stocking stuffers for your dogs. Not just fancy collars and sweaters but Filet Mignon flavored popcorn, inflatable dog beds for traveling and the most marvelous dog toys in town! Supplies are limited (because our capital is too!) so be sure to get there while the goodies last.


Victoria Park Celebrates Art & Greyhounds: Saturday, December 9th, Studio 19 Fine Art, 933 NE 19th Ave, Wilton Manors (954-764-0055) See Flyer.

Sunrise Woodstock Art & Crafts Festival: December 2 & 3rd, Welleby Park in the City of Sunrise. Volunteers need for this fun, family event.

Woofstock 2007: The Greyhound Love-In – We’re bringing back Woofstock in a new and exciting format! Friends of Greyhounds will be taking over the dog park at Amelia Earhart Park in Hialeah on Sunday, February 11th, 2007. We’ll have booths and contests and so much, much more. The GILLEY GIRLS are coming all the way back down for a return engagement. You’ll hear more as this gets closer but remember to SAVE THIS DATE! If you have someone that would make a great vendor for Woofstock, ask them to contact us. And if you can only make it to one event a year, this is the one to come to!

Petco on Saturdays: Steve Holloway does a tremendous job for us manning the table to give out adoption information to people at the Petco at Broward & University in Plantation. But his job requires he be out of town once in a while and he really NEEDS HELP! If you can handle a day there, please do. All you have to do is sit inside the air conditioned store and brag about your dog. If you need to borrow a dog, we can arrange that, too! Call us and we’ll get you in contact with Steve.

Delray Beach Garlic Festival: Always a fun event. Volunteers will be needed. More info to follow. Show hours: Friday, Feb. 16th, 2007 – 5 pm-10 pm; Saturday, Feb. 17th, 2007 – 11 am-10 pm; Sunday, Feb. 18th, 2007 – 11 am-7 pm. Click here for more info about the event.

ADOPTION COUNT: 455 as of 11/25/06

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Flagler and Hollywood Race Tracks have both gone to year round racing. That means there are a whole lot more race dogs in the Florida Kennels complex. They’re housing more dogs than ever and new kennels arrive weekly. As Hollywood becomes the “Mardi Gras Gaming & Entertainment Center” and the slot machine income starts to come in, there will be more and more prize money and more kennels arriving to compete for it. More dogs in the compound means more dogs being phased out as faster dogs move in. We have waiting lists a mile long of kennels that want to give us dogs for adoption. We have added another row in the center of Building 1 so we now house 60 dogs. That means more work for our three kennel people, more expense for food and medical and cleaning supplies and many more, wonderful choices for you to adopt. These sweet and gentle dogs are waiting for you to visit. If you’re considering adding to the family, please come to open house on Saturday or Sunday. We have the best selection of dogs anywhere. From 20 months old and up. And remember, when you adopt a greyhound, you’re saving two lives: the life of the dog you’ve adopted and the life of the dog who gets that spot in the kennel. See you on the Weekend! Please?

It’s one year since Hurricane Wilma passed through South Florida. She devastated the area including our house and Florida Kennels. As anyone who has been here can tell you, it wasn’t just that day or week but the continuing damage because of leaking roofs and mold, lack of materials and craftsmen, slow insurance claims and the frustration and depression that goes with it all. I’ve wanted to give our friends an update but I kept hoping we could say “yeah, we’re back to normal”. Well, we’re better but it’s been a hard battle and we still have a little ways to go. If you’re interested in the update, click here.

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