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New Year Resolutions

Happy Holidays!  Wow.  What a whirlwind holiday this has been.  And still so much to do before the end of the year.  Thank you all for the wonderful cards and emails and messages of peace and love and greyhounds.  Jerry and I snuck away for a week on a cruise and had a wonderful, relaxing and refreshing trip.  One wonderful day was spent with Chloee (formerly Good Golly Molly) and her family in Grand Cayman so we can officially say that adoption’s home visit has been completed!  It was the highlight of our trip.  I snuck my laptop onboard and managed to complete the outline of the Greyhound Care Class that I have been wanting to work on for a year.  It will be coming down the pike soon to help you take better care of your dogs and cut costs, too.  

Peaches & Carter

New Year’s Resolutions – This is a traditional time of resolutions – something I have never done.  But with your help, let’s all make some Greyhound resolutions this year.  For instance:
    I resolve to be really,  really good about the monthly Heartworm and Flea & Tick medications that are so important this year.
    I resolve to cut my dog’s nails  regularly so they can be worked back to be short and neat like they should be. 
I’m a terrible offender on this and I know that long nails make their toes and feet twist wrong and get achy. But I’m turning over a new leaf.  I may have to have a mobile groomer visit regularly to do this, but it is worth it.
    I resolve to take better care of my dog’s teeth.  It’s basic to us to brush every day but there are so few of us that do this for our dogs like we should.  Brushing helps prevent gingivitis and decay which will cause them to swallow steady streams of bad bacteria and causes all sorts of intestinal issues.  Vets can do expensive dental cleaning under anesthesia and often have to do extractions.  You can postpone some of that by brushing.  If you just can’t brush them, use  a groomer “basic dental cleaning” every couple months.  It’s similar to a scaling and can help you hold off the expensive veterinary dental.  You may need to do it a little more often to get them caught up at first. Good (American only) rawhides or raw turkey necks will help clean teeth, too. 

    I resolve to make sure my dog’s shots and bordetella are kept up to date.  I will organize this so they don’t slip by anymore!  Rabies shots can be annual or every three years and must be done by the vet. The vet will advise you on the 5 in 1 shots (parvo, distemper, etc.) according to your dog’s age and needs.  Bordetella is an intra-nasal (nose drops – not a shot) that should be done every 6 months for kennel cough and dog-flu.  We have it available for $6 at the kennel so come down for Open House!  Or if you are due to go to the vet, let them do it.  But this is cheap insurance and should not be skipped.
    I resolve to hug and kiss and cuddle with my dog for at least a few minutes every day.  It’s good for the dog and good for our own blood pressure.  They’re not getting any younger, you know.
    I resolve to have a special, family portrait made.  And your dog, your pets are part of the family.  Time goes by quickly and lets face it, these are the things that we remember – that give us that sense of family.  More and more professional photographers are allowing dogs to come to the studio.  
    I resolve to look around to see if I know anyone else that might need a ride down to the kennel to meet the dogs and maybe adopt one.  And I’ll look around my own house and see if I can fit in just one more.  Okay, I threw that one it – but it’s true.  There’s probably room for one more. 

These few things can make your life and your dog’s life just so much better this year.  Every year we all resolve to be more organized.  Make this the year of the dog and help get that component of your life into tip-top shape.
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Just so you have no excuses, here are some resources for your resolutions:
Boss the Pet Connection – does dental cleaning ($25), nails ($10) & grooming in Sunrise shop (954-572-2677) and in Coral Springs (954-345-6611)
Flea/ Tick/ Heartworm Meds: Check out:  PetmedsDead Fleaz & Equine Megastore. 
Nail care: visit groomer shops at Boss (above), or your local Petco, Petsmart, etc. Or call a mobile groomer like our adopter, Mike Griesemer at Groom Waggin.   You can learn more about clipping  your dog’s nails yourself  with these links for Pet Greyhounds Info or about Dremeling Nails.  New sites appear regularly so just try to Google “How to cut greyhound nails” for the latest guides.
If your photographer won’t let the dog come, one of our adopters/ volunteers is a professional portrait artist and has a  studio in his home.  He can do family portraits with your dog.   Click Here to see some of Larry Warsh’s work. He’s amazing especially with the dogs.
So Happy New Year to all.  It’s bound to be another roller coaster ride so buckle the seat belt and grab the bar and let’s decide right now to make it the BEST!