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New dogs in the Kennel… these you’ve gotta see!

JD Rockefeller

Gloria Vanderbilt (Snickers)

While Jerry and I and the volunteers “hung out” at the Art Deco show, our kennel people had filled all the kennels vacated by the prison dogs with new dogs.  On Saturday we cat tested them and on Monday, we started getting them to the vets for spay and neuter.  No grass growing under FoG’s feet!

We have such a great assortment of new dogs!  I’ve never ever had so many young, cat tolerant dogs come in at one time.  Two of them, Gloria Vanderbilt and her litter brother, Howard Hughes (Snickers & Yogi Bear) went out of there soooo fast.  They are littermates born July 1, 2009.  They’re only 18 months old!  But I’ll tell you a secret. . .there’s two more from that litter still in the kennel.  JP Getty and JD Rockefeller are still there.  Maybe you should come meet them! Check out ALL the dogs (new & not-so-new) by clicking here.  See you at the kennel!

JP Getty

Howard Hughes