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New Dog in the Family

amber Seal 2So, since Jerry is now retired, he has decided to take up cooking and that was just fine with me. I handle cooking for the dogs and he’s helping out with cooking for us. Right now he is making his first batch of icing for the gingerbread cookies he baked last night. I am listening to him convince our granddaughter that she can’t text and hold the hand mixer at the same time. Holiday domestic bliss! Feels like I’m in a warped Norman Rockwell. Perfect time for a quick update on the computer.

Today was a neat day. I helped a greyhound puppy go to her new home in Pompano. Steve Seal recently lost his girl Luann to cancer at the age of 10. He still had three dogs and a cat but the house was too quiet. He found out that Sonia from Elite Greyhounds in Loxahatchee was helping a litter of greyhound pups find homes. The dogs are 6 months old and actual tattooed racing dogs but they were just never going to be decent racers and Elite was helping them get into homes. So I rode up to Lake Worth with him to pick out a puppy!

Amber Seal 1Sonia’s house was so neat! I’ve always loved her farm anyway and there’s a special feeling in a place that cares so much for dogs and horses and chickens and goats and the various other critters that have passed through. I fell in love with Raul, her beautiful Galgo boy.

Sonia had arranged for a number of the puppies to be there for Steve to look at. It was a hard choice but he chose a beautiful little girl with big eyes and perfect eyeliner. She is red and very long legged and sweet and quiet. Enough curiosity to be fun and still enough of a greyhound puppy to sleep all the way back home. Personally, I thought the little black boy was so handsome and expressive but Steve said he has problems seeing his other black dog when she goes out in the backyard at night. He can’t worry about two!

amber Seal 3The new girl’s name is now Amber and she goes to the vet this weekend. Steve thought a 6-month old puppy would be smaller but she is about thigh high and maybe 35 pounds. He had brought along a carrier for her but quickly realized that wasn’t going to work! Greyhound pups get big quickly and need lots of training, something the older ones have already had. But for now, she’s getting used to the routine at her new home and we all wish him great success and many happy years with Amber.

It is fairly rare for non-racing greyhound pups to become available for adoption and it is a huge commitment of time and energy to turn these dogs into the terrific dogs that we know greyhounds to be. Elite is not taking any money in this matter but the kennel owner is asking for a fee. If you are interested in a greyhound puppy or want more information on this, feel free to email me and I’ll give you more information. But for now, I’ve got to go inspect some gingerbread cookies!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,