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Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
8/20/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Well it’s been a busy week what with the progress in cleaning and clearing out the office of tons of paperwork and things I had saved just in case we needed them!! I have been taking even more to my friendly Salvation Army and a half dozen canvas bags of “stuff” to our County Animal Care & Control Division. I pack stuff up and Jerry delivers it!! Plus I’ve had soooo much paperwork going out that I filled our giant recycle bin and I still have more ready to go when it gets dumped tomorrow. Plus my dog-sitting guests keep my day pleasantly full. Hughey and Akira both left the kennel within a day of one another and I actually had a one night with no dogs in the kennel. It felt very strange. But it gave me a chance to clean and de-clutter and whatnot but having the dogs is way more fun!! This afternoon Autumn and Troy came to stay for a few days while the family goes away and that’ll save me for now! And Hughey comes back tomorrow. After all, what would I do with only four dogs in the house??

So I haven’t done much that is even remotely “Blog- Worthy” but I did read something that I think would interest some of you. The link is below – and be sure to see some of the comments, too!. Hope your week is just peachy – and be sure to kiss your greys for me!!