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Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
8/13/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

My goodness this week has gone quickly. I must be getting the hang of this retirement business. It sure seems like I’m busy, busy every day and when I look back on my week, I don’t see much headway!! Sure I get up early every day but that’s to let out the dogs and make their breakfast – – and then I go check on that dream I left running in the pillow . . . Retirement is awesome!

I did manage to handle a few things. I caught up on a bunch of reading about pulling the proposal to ban dog racing from our election ballot. I have lots of information on who is meeting together and there many opinions out there about how this or that should be worded. But it all seems to be a lot of busywork. I was taught that “a confused mind says NO” so it worries me that with all this back and forth, the possibly misleading (proposed) text of the statute wording itself, and the ambiguous wording (vote YES if you do not want racing?) of the short form on the ballot may lead to inaccurately cast votes. I would like to hope that it will reach a final form early enough for us to spread the word. We’ve just got to see what we get to work with.

Today I was at Broward Pet Cemetery in Plantation. Broward Pet Cemetery is an amazing and beautiful place and the family who runs it is just awesome. You can see more photos on their website and see the hours it is open for visiting.

If you are not familiar with our Greyhound Memorial program, we have a full explanation on the website. From anywhere on our site you will see a pink/purple index across the top and one of the divisions is the Greyhound Memorial. I haven’t updated it in a while but I will get to that soon (hopefully this week) as our system is simpler than we envisioned when we started. We currently have 29 greyhounds, 4 cats and 1 human (Fred Weatherbee – rest his soul!! We still have his girl Mitzi here with us.) Yes, any creature that has been cremated can be part of the FoG Memorial. This lets our babies all be together in a way we can afford. And yes, you can go there and see our triple plot. It is right up front by the hedges. If you enter the grounds and face the parking lot with your back to the office entrance, FoG’s marker is just to your right, up against the hedges.

One of the ways we are able to hold the costs in check is because we “save up” our little boxes and put them in the plot in bunches. It’s the moving of the headstone and digging the grave and then putting it all back together neatly that is labor intensive and hence, costly. The reason I was at there today was to look into another group interment in our plot. Beth and Jordan have taken over the day to day operation of the Cemetery and Beth will get back to me in a day or two about the cost of another “group” interment for our doggies & their friends.

If you are interested in having a critter or three included when we open the memorial this time, let me know. It helps if we have a general count for them to work with and the more we put in at a time, the more practical the pricing becomes. I am fairly certain we will have about 15 or more dogs going in this time. And yes, it is open to all living creatures. Please be sure to look at our Big Book of Greyhounds Online. It’s really awesome – if I do say so myself!!

Have a great week and kiss your dogs for me. You know I’m reachable by email or phone pretty much all the time. If you have questions or problems, I’m here for you and your critters.

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,