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Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
7/9/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

The New Shed is UP!!

This was a great week for playing with greyhounds! I was privileged to dogsit a whole bunch of greyhounds this week and it was AWESOME!! For the 4th of July we actually had our four greys and five visiting greys here at the house. Between the intermittent rain and our impact windows that dampen sound, I don’t think any of them knew that there were fireworks. Our boy Chumlee is afraid of shadows, cats, sidewalks and just about everything else and even he was unphased.

Somehow one of the girls cut her tiny black nose. We had blood for about five minutes but I couldn’t figure out how to put a band-aid on the tip of a wet nose!! She’s going to be okay but her mom will probably kill me when she picks her up!! Lola’s parents, Irene & Jorge Martinez, were on a cruise in the Caribbean and brought me a lovely bottle of Dominican Anejo. Woo-Hoo! (And Jerry doesn’t drink.)

So here on the home front, we were busy with the new shed. On the 5th of July, the project was to pour the cement slab for the base. The first part was to form & fill a 6″ deep concrete slab for the base. My assignment was to (1) pay the cement guy and (2) keep the dogs corralled to the short run area next to the house when they went out so we didn’t have doggy footprints in the cement – or cement footprints in the kennel!! We had sawhorses and benches and everything that wasn’t tied down at the end of “alley” area and it worked – much to our surprise.

A few days later, the shed arrived by truck in two long, heavy, heavy boxes that were left on our driveway. Anthony, our Handyman and Jimmy, a friend he enlisted (or possible blackmailed) into helping us, showed up to put it together a few days later. That gave us time for the cement to fully cure and for me to highlight the English paragraphs in the thick book of instructions!! The instructions were written in SIX languages!!

Saturday and Sunday the shed was put together. We laughed. We cried. Some of us yelled a bit. Everyone offered opinions while Anthony & Jimmy did all the work. Jerry & Scott & I spent a lot of time sitting in chairs watching the whole thing be put together – and laughing. It took longer than the company advertised but we probably wasted a lot of time laughing and kibitzing and even if it took a little longer, I’ll bet we had more fun than the professional guys did! Jerry went into this with some concerns but now that we both see it in place, we are very, very pleased. So this week will be big, big push to get the rest of the “stuff” out of the rental warehouse.

I feel like I have been emptying the warehouse for months but it is no where near empty. But we have a plan and now we have our shed and it’s all going to be just peachy!! You’ll see! So this has been a great week for the dogs. Starsky and Handsome are both settling in pretty well and the dogsitting dogs are starting to go home but I have more coming in!! This being retired is something we should really have done sooner. Hope your week had lots of great people and dogs in it like mine has had.

May your bad weeks fly by as quickly as the good ones seem to!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,