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Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
7/29/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Well, looks like you’re stuck with me for the blog. Our Blogging Buddy John Grata has left us and is now living in Zellwood, just north of Orlando. He’s still going back and forth with the move but he’s committed to being a Zellwoodian. We will miss him but he’s close enough to visit.

Meantime, I’ve been working my way through the last of the warehouse “stuff”. We have made some considerable donations to our local Salvation Army store and I am on a first name basis with the guy at the receiving truck. That’s done now though – okay maybe one more box. And I have unearthed a plethora of things too good and too useful to give away but we can’t keep it all. So we’ve put low prices on some of it and we’re offering it to you and/ or your friends – or enemies – or relatives – former students – you get the idea. Dog wise, we have travel kennels, Thundershirts, fancy collars, leashes, the portable sound system and Greyhound Bobbleheads. We personally also have a huge Florida Marlins collection, B&G Christmas plates, Mikasa China, all the heavy duty shelving from the warehouse and sorting/ stacking bins. With luck, I can talk Mr. Berlin, our intrepid webmaster into putting a link here that you can click and see all the details and prices on what we are selling. [Click Here – It’s a good thing I read the blog before I publish it.] That way you won’t miss a bargain on something you want and yet you don’t have to read it if you don’t want another single thing. (even though it’s an amazing collections of “stuff” and you really should check it out).

We still have microchips for the dogs. We used to do that at the kennel but once we lost that space, chipping has been hit or miss. If you don’t know if your dog has a chip, I have a reader and we can check it for you if you want. It only takes a second. Racing dogs are not generally chipped by the racing owners. So check and if your dog needs to be microchipped, let’s get together and get it done. I charge $25 for the chip (implanted) and that includes a prepaid registration. Microchipping is the very best way to ensure your dog gets home but it only works if the chip is registered and the information is up to date. It does not replace having an ID tag but if that tag is gone, the dog always has the chip. It only takes a minute and $25 is a low price. Get it done!

So I’m going back to my cleaning and sorting and trying to get things out to people who want them or need them or just appreciate them. But we are out of the warehouse on the 13th. Our “garage”/kennel looks like the warehouse exploded in here and left piles of stuff everywhere. Slugbug and Hughey were being “dog-sat” in the kennel while we sorted and worked on the stuff from the warehouse. They thought it was all entertainment for them!! I think it kind of interfered with their napping, though. We’ll have it under control soon. There’s nothing left in the warehouse itself but the shelving units and I’m hoping they will sell. I’ve even swept it!! My cute little shed is getting full but that’s what sheds are made for.

My week is cut out for me. I hope your week will be a little more organized than mine have been lately. Hug your greyhound for me – – and see if you neighbors need some shelving!!!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,