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Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
7/16/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

I can’t believe it’s Monday already. We have been hustling around the kennel. It’s been mostly people business (as opposed to dog-business) but it’s still keeping us busy. We have committed to be out of the big warehouse in like 2 weeks. I have a ton of things to do and to go through and to eliminate and repackage – and apparently I need to start with finding out when we need to be out so we don’t have to pay any more rent! We’ll get there.

The dogs are thrilled with me bringing in all the smelly dog toys from the kennel and an assortment of other stuff to snif. Of course, everytime I find something I think our folks can use, there’s a glitch of some sort. For instance, the four, new, in the package, Thundercoats – are all XL sized. They say that’s for 60-100 pound dogs but it always seems too large for our guys. And one of them is pink! I’m pretty sure we don’t have a girl dog that large!! Oye!

Going through all the photos was the hardest part. I managed to thin that down but it was a process. I had lots of family albums for my side and Jerry’s and then there were the doggie pictures!! I have three big albums of pictures taken when I delivered the greyhounds and many, many more pictures from the playyard and our events. It was the hard part – – but it was the best part. I discovered that if you pull all the blank pages out of the old albums, they don’t take up as much room! So I really didn’t have to eliminate much at all. Whew!!

We are donating a lot of things to our local Salvation Army shop. Jerry Berlin lives near there and he calls that his “offsite storage”. I told the guy at the receiving truck that and he thought it was hysterical. But I still have a ton of stuff. Once I am totally through it, I may try to do an indoor yard sale for you folks as there is a lot of stuff that would only appeal to greyhound people and I don’t want to just donate it. We can let the dogs play in the yard while you look at things. We’ll see when we get there.

Looks like Boxer Friends Rescue is going to take some of the unclaimed collars. I’ve emailed a dozen or more large dog rescues and they were the only ones, so far, to want anything. But I’m not done yet!! (I think I already told you that we were able to give all the big metal bowls to Miami Humane Society!)

So no dogs for adoption this week and no dogs returned. So that’s okay. I have a couple dogsitting dogs and that keeps me getting out of bed every day. It also gives Chumlee someone to play with. His brother & sisters are tired of him!!

Summer’s here so keep your dogs cool and go easy on the hard running. Have a wonderful week and if I can get done with the projects around here, maybe we can schedule an “open yard” (as opposed to “open house”) and let people bring the dogs and visit with one another. We’ll see. Have a great week and as John Grata would say – – try not to bite anyone!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,