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Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
6/24/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


It’s been another whirlwind week. I really thought that when I retired, I’d get to sleep later but the dogs are still on an early morning routine and they always win! Plus we have one very old girl, Mitzi, who has been having problems at night and either Jerry or I have to let her out a few extra times each night. But, last night we made it through the whole night. I think she knew we were on our last nerves!! We all get old. I hope when I get old, there is someone around to let me out in the yard at night if I need it!! Karma!!

So we have two boys in the kennel waiting and they both are close to getting homes. Starsky, our SSC (not Sexy Senior Citizen – more like Skinny Senior Citizen) is going up to Vero Beach on Friday to meet Debbie Schmidt and her doggie family. She has Hummin O’Hara (12) & Kiowa Gabe (10). I don’t know her thought process on this but if bringing Starsky who is 13 into the mix makes them feel younger, who am I to object! She certainly has experience with a senior dog, a fenced yard, and is happy to have Starsky join the pack. I’m so happy for him to have the chance but I know the decision is up to the resident dogs!!

And – – We have a family that lives in Ft. Myers that is asking lots and lots of questions about Handsome. We don’t officially have an application but if they don’t take him someone else will. He’s 3 ½ years old and a real brindle stud-muffin!! He’s tall and sweet and loves people. Yes he has a messed up leg but he still runs just not at competition level. So if you are thinking about adopting Handsome, remember, first app in wins!! And he’s a really good prize. Yes, I will drive him to Ft. Myers for delivery, or Key West or pretty much wherever within a few hours. He’s a good dog and I can’t wait for him to get a good home. I’ll bet he will be a wonderful house dog. He just needs a chance.


Meantime, here at the house/kennel, we’ve been working on eliminating the clutter and the “stuff” that still remain in the warehouse so we can get out from under that expense. I keep putting things on Craigslist and in The Flyer and I guess it goes a little at a time but I think it’s multiplying in the dark recesses of the warehouse! We’ve ordered the new shed and this week should see the concrete base going in. As for things for sale, I currently have: bunches of baseball cards, a good supply of soft, fleecy fabric that is left from making dog coats, bunches of Bing & Grondahl collector Christmas plates, an antique weight set (commerce type – not body building type), antique carved goblets & candlesticks from the Persian Gulf area, 85 piece set of Mikasa dinner china (silver swirl #474 design purchased in Italy in 1964) and probably more obscure things as we work our way into the back of the warehouse – – Oh, yes, and then we will hit the big, bold bunch of locks and locksmith “stuff”. So if anyone out there is interested in anything like these, give me a call. I only put a couple things in ads at a time but everything – and more!! – is here in Sunrise.

So I am pleased that there is some movement towards getting homes for Handsome and Starsky. I don’t want to count my chickens too soon, though. The coming week will hopefully help us find more homes for dogs and for warehouse stuff! I got to play with Hughey this past week and I get Luna and Lola this week (I think – if my notes are right!) I love dog sitting! I’m going to have a great week – and I hope each and every one of you will do the same. God only gives us so much time on earth – but I hear he doesn’t count time spent with greyhounds. So lengthen your life – love a greyhound!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,