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Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
6/17/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Father’s Day Blog –


First and most importantly, Happy Fathers’ Day to our President & my husband, Jerry Deitch. He has enjoyed his Fathers’ Day sitting on the couch with the remote – except for a little time to go out and re-fill the bird feeder & the squirrel bowl. The Dogfather is spreading his wings these days! I hope all of the doggy-daddys out there had as great a day as we did here at the home kennel. Mr. President loves taking an afternoon nap amid a sea of sleeping greyhounds!!

In the kennel, our boy Handsome is still looking for a home. He has a wonderful, loving disposition and I think he will be a great house dog. But because of his leg, he won’t need a lot of room to run. He does run on the three legs but not to the extent of our other racers. He’s a sweetheart, only 3½ years old, and short walks or a small yard would suit him well. I don’t think the leg bothers him too much. Feel free to email or call if you’d like to come meet him.

We also have Starsky (formerly Starz Control) a 13 year old whose owner could no longer care for him. He is tall, white & fawn, and a bit frail as a bad dental problem has kept him from eating well for a while now, I’m guessing. We’re working on building him up and every day he’s doing better and getting stronger. He is friendly and sweet and gentle. We’ll be getting him into the vet soon to see what they can do make those teeth more functional but I want to get him a little stronger first. I’ve written to the original group he came from and asked them to let us have him and we’ll find him a new home. I wonder if there’s anyone out there who would want this handsome boy? Hmmm – maybe I can find someone, somewhere…


On the homefront, Jerry and I are working with Anthony to get the shed up in the back yard. Anthony is our super-duper handyman who put up the fencing after the last hurricane and he is laying plans for the cement slab we will need for the shed. I have already ordered online a cute 8 x 10 with skylights and little windows that should be acceptable to the neighbors and will offer enough space for storage so that we can get out from under the warehouse rental. We had lots of “stuff” in our garage when we entered the greyhound rescue arena so we tossed it all in a rental and built kennels in the garage. A few years later we had to get a larger rental as we were storing so much dog stuff! Now that we are paring down, we are determined to only keep what we need and what will fit in the new shed. And it’s soooo CUTE!! The shed is schedule for delivery July 3 so the project should all be done shortly after that. Can’t wait!

We have made good headway with thinning out the stuff from the old storage. I took well over 80 metal bowls of varying types to our friends at the Humane Society of Miami. We also took some towels and crate beds and the staff at Soffer & Fine were thrilled. We have worked with them for years. Laurie Hoffman is the Executive Director of the Humane Society and a former greyhound owner so I had to bring Yahtzee, one of my personal dogs, to say hi to her or I would not be forgiven!! She’s a great woman and a real blessing for South Florida’s animals!!

We still have a few “extra” travel kennels and a bunch of “collectible” and antique things that we just don’t have the outlet to cash out on. That’s an ongoing struggle. “Space vs. Value”. I think space needs to win! And then there’s hundreds of dog collars from dogs we no longer have contact with. That’s a whole different project!

Many thanks to those of you who are still keeping FoG in your thoughts and donations. We have fewer dogs but we seem to be getting the more needy ones. They are needy either for love, special homes or special vets. But they are still greyhounds and we are still here for them. We love our donors of all types but we have a couple of people who have been sending $10 or $15 every month for years and now that we are less visible those donations are especially precious. They have been behind us for so long and we are so grateful.

Jill Keesler (Rainy & Slash’s mom) swung by yesterday. She had been to the grocery and caught a good buy on a half of turkey breast and got one for herself and one for us. I’m defrosting it now and will boil it up for the dogs. That should yield a lot of meat and I’ll use the water that it is boiled in to make turkey-flavored rice. Turkey and rice for doggy dinners!! YUM!! Good Stuff!!

Hope your week is full of Good Stuff of your own. Please keep Handsome and Starsky in your thoughts. You never know who has room in their homes and hearts for a slightly imperfect dog. Have a greyt week – and hug your dog for me.