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Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
5/26/19 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Mandy Needs a New Home –

We told you we would be around for a while to help our dogs and our adopters in any way we can. I am still dog sitting and still available for questions. We are enjoying the slower pace though and working on our various projects. Retirement is awesome!!

As I am sure you already know, all of our retired racers have been adopted. But – as predicted – we are still needed for dogs who may be returned for whatever reason. And that’s where we are now.


We have a wonderful little black girl in the kennel named Mandy who is looking for a new home. Her racing name was Kiowa Kitty Hawk and she is has bounced around a little bit. She’s a good girl but at this point, she is feeling pretty insecure about all of this. She lost her home because mom and grandma both have some pretty heavy duty medical issues they need to deal with and they couldn’t care for her any longer. We tried her out in our house but it seems she is not cat tolerant. (We have 2 cats) We have all of her records and lots of history on her.

Mandy can be a bit shy and sometimes is hesitant to walk on a leash but she is friendly with everyone (except the aforementioned cats). She can be a “talker” too if she thinks she needs to get your attention. She loves toys! She likes to carry one with her most of the time. She will come complete with an assortment of her favorite toys.

She is only five years old (DoB 8/18/13) and has had bad luck when it comes to homes. We have very, very complete records on her. She is a little insecure and worried right now but I am hoping that her new mommy or daddy (or both) will give her the stability that she is missing. I am sure she would do well with another greyhound in the home – – maybe your home?

To meet Mandy, give Michelle (that’s me!) a call (954-578-0072). If we are not home, call my cell. Jerry & I are retirees so almost anytime will be fine. Mandy is not enjoying being the only dog in our kennel so please don’t hesitate.

Our previous adoption fee will be waived for Mandy. If you would like to give a donation for dog food, we – and Hill’s Science Diet – would appreciate it but it is not in any way required. Our biggest priority is to get Mandy into a greyhound-experienced home.

In Other News – – –

“Stuff” for Sale – Yes, I am STILL digging through things! Please let me know if you can use any of it.

Wire Crates – FoG has some of our “regular” black wire kennels that most of you used when you first adopted your dog. They fold up flat but open to a 42” kennel. They start at $50 (plus freight) online. We have a few and we’re asking $30. Tell your friends!

Travel Kennels – Part 1 – When we brought in the Macau greyhounds, they arrived in huge airline kennels that are made by Pet Palace in Honk Kong. The kennels are beautifully constructed and they were all brand new. We decided we didn’t need them so we have sold ours. But, meantime, we were offered kennels by Elite Greyhounds as they had far too many of the airline crates to be bothered with them. (Many, many thanks!) Well, one by one, I have gotten kennels put together and put up for sale. The kennels we have are Internationally approved airline kennels. (That’s very good!) We have two sizes 46 long x 36 high x26 wide – that’s the smaller one. The other is 38” high. I have some put together at the house if you know anyone who is in the market or if you would like to see them. They do break down somewhat for storage. These kennels sold new for $350 each, were used one time, one way and I am selling them for $100 each. We have already sold some and people who got them were thrilled at the savings!!

Travel Kennels – Part 2 – We also have our Macchioro kennels that we have used for some time to transport dogs in our van. These don’t look as sleek and new as the Hong Kong kennels but they are good, safe kennels that work well in the back of the car to keep your dog secure. I have sworn by Mac kennels for years. They are aerodynamic and shatter resistant. I have two sizes (I think) and they hold up to a 70 pound dog. We just don’t transport many dogs any longer. If you can use one, call me! Come see them. Make an offer.

We also have an assortment of:

Dog coats – perfect for greyhounds – We have Thunder coats (in pink, blue and traditional gray), 2 raincoats (very nice heavy duty coats), and an assortment of booties and some neck warmers.

Doggie Décor – We have a bunch of small greyhound statues. They range from 1” to 8” and every time I move something I find another one! There are also a few signs, squawkers, and if you need a belly band, I have them. I can sell (or give you) a few but will probably keep the bulk of them for people who need them. When Chumlee was getting to the end, those belly bands made ALL the difference in his quality of life. God, I miss that dumb dog!!

Books – I have an amazing assortment of greyhound and dog books. I would love to share them with people who would appreciate them.

Miscellaneous – Martingale Collars (1” solid color), assorted colors of 4’ leashes, a few different types of halters, greyhound ‘gold’ pins (1”) and carabiner clip key rings. Double leashes, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things – feel free to ask me if you are looking for something in particular.

And Last But Not Least – I still have microchips and if your dog is not microchipped, I urge you to get it done. I can chip your dog (or cat or assorted other critters) for $25 and that includes the prepaid Pet-Trac registration.

So give me a call or drop me an email ( and you can stop over and go through the goodies!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,