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Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
5/23/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Chinese Puppies – Guaranteed to make you laugh –

Yes, I know our blog has become somewhat sporadic but isn’t that better than reading a blog that is on time but has nothing to say? So, we are trying for weekly, or alternate weekly, but we’ll see how it works out. And for now, I have neat stuff for you – –

On Tuesday Jerry Deitch (President), and Jerry Berlin (adopter, friend, webmaster, foster dad) and I went up to Loxahatchee to visit with Sonia Stratemann, founder of Elite Greyhounds. Her home base is a 16 acre horse ranch with a big dog kennel, corrals, barns, horses and pastures and their home. Many of you have asked where to go to adopt now that FoG is generally out of the business. I often suggest you visit Elite Greyhounds.

[Just to clarify: We are still here for returning dogs, questions, problems and even dog sitting. We are hoping the November ballot issue will pass in which case the plan is for FoG to remain available until racing is over and all the racing dogs are safely settled.]

So we had lunch and then headed to the ranch. She has a few racing greyhounds ready for adoption and we also got to visit with her latest addiction, saving the Chinese “greyhounds”. They are bringing them in from China through Texas. She had three of them there and they were really fun. That’s them running around the ranch in the videos. I believe she is bringing in more in the next week or two.

These three were all fairly young and apparently in excellent health. They think two of them are whippets and the black one is probably a greyhound/ whippet mix. They are puppies and high energy and so incredibly happy to have escaped their fate in China where they would have died in some pretty disgusting ways. Now, they are having SOOOOO much fun. You really need a fenced yard and a lot of patience for these dogs, but I guarantee they will keep you smiling and laughing. You can’t be blue when there’s a happy dog trying to get your attention.

Our thanks to Jerry Berlin for thinking to shoot the video. We were all so entranced with them running, it didn’t occur to us to get out the phone!! If you want to know more about the Chinese greyhounds, I understand she has a lot of information on her Facebook page (

We have offered to help with the transport from Texas but she has everything arranged so don’t be looking for Chinese whippets in FoG’s kennel but they are just up the road. Have a greyt week! Hug your dogs for me.

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,

Greyhound and Whippets from China at Elite Greyhounds Adoptions

(Be sure to view the videos at the bottom)

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  1. Carol Ryan says:

    Loved seeing the Chinese Greyhounds, especially the black one. Would love to have that one but I’m too old now for lively, spirited greyhounds. I miss my little Rosie.