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Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
6/11/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Wow. I forgot how fast the week can go! Jerry (the President) & I were both down sick with a cold. I mean both in bed (and not in the fun way) and going through Kleenex and Dayquil and Nyquil like Grant through Richmond!! The meds kept us knocked out but alive until we could find out way out the other side to the land where people breathe with their mouths closed !! That wrecked our week but good. Although our noses are still iffy, the rest of our symptoms have subsided and I think we’re going to live.


So today, Handsome, our tall brindle boy visited the vet and was neutered and had his leg xrayed. I’ve asked our favorite miracle working orthopedic Veterinarian, Dr. Robin Holtsinger, to review the xrays and I am hoping to hear from her soon. I don’t hold much hope that the leg can be fixed but I do hope it won’t be something that will be painful for him in his senior years. For now, he’s happy as a clam and doesn’t mind that the one leg looks funny. He trots along just fine in the back yard! No long hikes for this guy but he sure is happy to roam around and play with the other guys in the back yard. He has such a great attitude. So Sweet. And he’s available for adoption!!! (3 ½ years young!)

In other matters, I was proud to see many of our Friends of Greyhounds folks at the Grey2K sponsored meeting held at the Broward Humane Society last week in preparation for the push to stop racing dogs in Florida. It was a great turnout. The presentation was fact filled and straight to the point. They have been holding these meetings all around the state and the next night they were in Miami. The Grey2K movement got the state of Connecticut to stop Greyhound racing and they are adapting that model to Florida. There is soooo much to consider and know and prepare for. So start talking to your friends now and keep talking. We may be able to supply some speakers on the subject for other meetings as this gets closer to election time. Let me know if you might have a group that would be interesting in discussing the pros and cons of Greyhound Racing laws.

I think I may need to put a note in right here about FoG’s political standing. For years we had to remain neutral in order to be (as many, many of you have heard me say…) a bridge to get the dogs from racing and into homes. We no longer get any cooperation or support of any kind from the racing industry so we have no obligation to be neutral in our political statements. I can and will speak honestly and clearly about our work with the greyhounds. That industry is horrible in many ways but the dogs themselves are amazing and wonderful. FoG is in this for the good of the dogs!! And we will fight for what is best for the dogs. Humans can take care of themselves. We’ll get further into this in other weeks. No need to dwell on it right now.

And back on the home front, please, please remember that the Summer is HERE and our dogs are so sensitive to the heat. And let’s face it, our adopted dog population out there is getting older and it’s harder for them to handle the summers. If you must take walks, do it in the evening or early morning. If you’re not sure if it is cool enough for your grey, give him a milkbone in his air conditioned home and go outside by yourself! (or stay home with the dog – that’s an option, too!!)

So stay tuned and we’ll share our ideas for spreading the word about Amendment 13 and if you have questions or concerns about it, email me and let’s talk about it. If I don’t have an answer for you, I have the contacts to get it. If you want an opinion, I am full of those!! (Just ask Jerry!!) Have a wonderful week and kiss your dog for me. We miss seeing all of you. The gatherings at the kennel every weekend were so great, weren’t they?

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,