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Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
4/23/19 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

It’s Alive!! The original Friends of Greyhounds computer has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. After a whole lot of grief, whining, complaining and a few minor tantrums (all from me) I am attempting our first blog on the new computer. They convinced me to replace my old one. It was only about 12 years old!! Poor baby!

Getting me ‘hands on’ with a new computer and all new software has been a challenge but going over a week without email was just awful. I still have some hurdles to deal with but communications should be back to “normal” pretty soon. Thank you for bearing with me. I had 1128 emails stacked up because of the downtime. I got those sorted out and eliminated. Then they discovered that something had to be re-done and when it was, I had all 1100 emails back again! Oye!! Enough of computers. They are a blessing and a curse. Sometimes both on the same day. So – let me try to catch you up to date. . .

Last Friday was the day from Hell. Our sweet boy, Chumlee (racing named Wild Chumlee) had been very sick. He was in kidney failure and going downhill steadily. We were giving him IV liquids and meds and trying everything we know to get him to eat but we were not winning the battle. I probably wouldn’t have fought that hard as to me, the end was already written. But Jerry couldn’t let go until Friday. We had made arrangements for me to take Chummy to Animal Hospital University Drive (Dr. Ansara) at 11:30 to go to the Rainbow Bridge and then I would take him in the van to Broward Pet Cemetery for cremation.


We also had previously scheduled a pest control guy coming to tell us if the “dust” we had found in the enclosed porch area was termite dust (it was – but we caught it early) as a friend had suggested. Jerry wasn’t feeling well so the plan was that he would meet the termite guy and I would handle Chumlee. Jerry was devastated about Chummy and couldn’t face the vet.

Naturally, everything happened at once. Chumlee passed away of his own accord lying in the bed I had planned to use as a “stretcher” to lift him into the van. At the same time, the exterminator arrived and while he and Jerry talked about the process for eliminating the termites, Jerry collapsed into the shelf holding his computer and two monitors. It all went down in a two minute window!! Scott walked in right in the middle of all this.

The exterminator and Scott helped get Jerry into a chair. I first grabbed Scott to help me carry the bed Chummy was on and load him into the van. I couldn’t just leave Chummy’s lifeless body in the living room. Then we got Jerry into Scott’s car and sent them to Holy Cross Emergency immediately. I went to the pet cemetery and settled Chum in and then flew to Holy Cross so Scott could go home.

Jerry was in there overnight. They still aren’t sure what caused everything but they’ve let him come home while they go through the test results and he then goes to his regular doctor. He’s still not back to normal and it doesn’t help that he misses his best friend, Chumlee, so badly. Mitzi, our old girl just went a few months ago. Chumlee raced as Wild Chumlee and he was only 8. That leaves our family with two greys, Yahtzee (Cry Yahtzee – 11 yrs) and Joy (Reward Joy- 12 yrs). Oh my! Now you’re caught up on the household highs and lows. What a rollercoaster ride we’ve been on.

In other “stuff” – – – in no particular order –

  • There are no dogs up for adoption in our kennel right now. If you are looking for a greyhound to adopt, contact some of the Palm Beach groups as that track is not only still running but they run year round. We have been working with our friends at Elite Greyhound Adoption in Loxahatchee and I know they have a number of greyhounds from Palm Beach as well as the orient. For a complete list of the Florida adoption groups go to
  • If you adopted a greyhound from us and have a problem and/or need to return the dog to us, we will still be here (forever) to accept back the dogs we have adopted out. You can still reach us by email and by phone and we aren’t going anywhere.
  • We are not in need of donations or volunteers at this time. We are trying to scale back the organization and there are many other groups that DO need your help.
  • We are grandparent “empty nesters” (sort of) at this point. One granddaughter is supposedly living here but we never see her. So we are working on cleaning up, fixing up and trying to turn our house into more of a home and a bit less of a kennel. With everything else, progress has been minimal!
  • We have a lot of greyhound “stuff” leftover such as collars, statues, booties, coats, books, racing jackets and the ever un-popular greyhound bobblehead (ugly but unique and collectable) Please feel free to call and come over to “shop”.
  • I have always loved dogsitting greyhounds because I can spoil them rotten and they never tell their parents about it. I have the room and now am able to dogsit again!! That’s the FUN stuff! Yippee!
  • We still have the Greyhound Memorial at the Broward Pet Cemetery in Plantation. We will probably be organizing an “opening” there soon. We generally wait until we have a number of dogs’ “cremains” to put in at one time. We are about ready as we have over a dozen here now. If you want more info, reach out to me.
  • Keep an eye on the website – that’s my next project. We’re going to do a major update. It’s overdue.

Thank you all for your help and support through all the years. Keep an eye on the website as I think/ hope we will be going “lean and mean” pretty soon! Anything I can do to help you and/or your dogs, please reach out!! And please kiss your pups for me!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,