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Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
3/4/19 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

This blog is an odd assortment of FoG’s greyhound “hot topics”. I get emails and phone calls every day on these subjects. The rumor mill is running hard and fast. So – Let’s clarify a few things – – in no specific order –

1. There is no dumping of racing dogs in this area. There are rumors that the kennels are killing dogs rather than give them up for adoption. In this area I am certain that rumor is absolutely FALSE!! Many owners and workers love the dogs, too. We have not heard anything credible about dumping dogs.

This southeast part of Florida is impacted by the Miami track (aka Flagler Dog Track and/or Magic City Casino), the Hollywood track (aka Mardi Gras and/or Big Easy Casino) and in a lesser way, by the Naples Ft. Myers track which is actually located in Bonita Springs on the West Coast but owned by a partnership of the same people as the Miami and Hollywood tracks. Miami and Hollywood both stopped running as soon as they could. They both have on site casinos and they are happy with that.

All of these owners and partnerships and managements are in a state of flux and have been for a few months so some of my information may be out of date or may change. Basically, Broward and Dade counties make money from their casinos which were approved by the electorate a few years ago. Casinos make money. Dog racing loses money. Disconnecting racing from the casino business works well for them so they stopped racing pretty quickly. Hollywood’s last racing season ended April 2018. Miami has been closed so long I couldn’t even find a date!! A couple weeks ago, they announced that the Naples/Ft. Myers track would be demolished at the end of this racing season. And imagine how excited the developers were when Florida Kennels became available!!

2. Friends of Greyhounds is still here. At this time, we do not have any greyhounds available for adoption. Jerry and I picked up our first dogs in November 2001 and the kennel was empty February 2019. It was a great trip. Hopefully it was good for our karma. Approximately 2400 (my paperwork isn’t up to date) dogs found homes with our help. We are very proud of that and we are very grateful for all the people who helped us along the way. But for now we are ready to enjoy our retirement. The organization will be semi-active for a while just so we are here for any returning dogs that may need us. We know that things happen in families and we will always be here for the greyhounds. We still have the kennels and bowls and yard and I love to dogsit so I get to play with more dogs!! Retirement is taking on a whole new look. If you have questions or problems and think I can help, please feel free to call. We are still here for the dogs.

3. There are still Greyhounds that need homes. Locally, we are friends with Elite Greyhounds based in Loxahatchee. Run by a family from their horse ranch, they have a great setup with a large kennel. They are getting dogs from Palm Beach Kennel Club and from overseas. If you are looking to adopt, I strongly recommend you start by looking there. Sonia knows what she is doing and she will help you find the right dog for you. Visit: She stays busy so her dog listings may not be up to date. Just call and arrange a visit.

Our nearest track that is still racing is Palm Beach Kennel Club. They run year round, 15 races a day, 6 days a week and they have a high dollar clientele, simulcasting of horseraces, and a busy poker room. If you are looking to adopt a greyhound, this link will take you to a complete listing for the state. (Don’t be frustrated by the listing. They add new groups as they are created but many of the entries are for groups that are already out of business.) And I even discovered another entry on the Florida list with our phone number on it and they are in the panhandle!

4. We do not need any additional volunteers. Volunteers have been a great help for our kennel for many years. (Our first student volunteer is now an Attorney!!) We love them and we are grateful for all they have done for us. But we only have house dogs, sometimes a few boarders, and potentially, a return or two. We appreciate the offer but we do not need any student volunteers at this time.

5. Be sure to watch for information about gatherings and play times. Greyhounds need to visit with other greyhounds sometimes. Keep your name on our email list and we’ll let you know about upcoming events. I’m hoping to do a gathering here at the house soon but we have a few projects to complete first.

PS: Kiss your dogs for me – Michelle (& Jerry, Chumlee, Yahtzee & Joy.) And wish a happy retirement to Jinx, our big black cat who has personally cat-tested a whole lot of your dogs for us!! He had the toughest job in the kennel.

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,