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Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
3/27/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Fara’s Trip Home…

So my Tuesday morning started falling apart on Monday night. One of our greyhound adopters, Cindy, had found a greyhound in her yard and it wasn’t hers! The mystery dog was a female, black, petite, with a little white patch on her chest. She called me in the evening and we tried to figure out who it was. I went through our adoption database looking for all the adopters of black greyhounds in her zip code. Many were too old or I knew they had moved or the dogs had gone to the Bridge or were the wrong sex – – basically that did not pan out in the least. So much for the easy fix.

Because they were in Hollywood, we knew many of the local dogs had come from Hollydogs. I contacted them by email. The dog settled in to spend the night in Cindy’s garage area since she was not cat tolerant – at ALL!!

After checking my email this morning to see if anyone was looking for a dog (nope) I headed to Hollywood to pick her up. She’s a real sweetheart but a little older and somewhat confused at that point. Her coat was shiny and she was not injured. Even the pads of her feet were not worn so we knew she was from nearby. She was a bit confused and just rode quietly back to the house with me.

First we tried to identify her by her tattoos but parts of them were hard to read and I had actually just about decided she was a dog adopted out by Bay Area Greyhounds, race name Starz Far Away. I tried calling them but no one answered.

Then I realized I had skipped an important step. I had not scanned her for a microchip! I ran for the scanner and lo and behold, she had a microchip!

About that time, her dad called me. He had just gotten back in town and was thrilled that we had her safe and sound. While he was getting from the airport to us, I decided to check with the microchip registry to make sure this was the real owner.

I had never been on the phone systems for the microchip companies. I ended up calling two companies. Both were brutally long wait times. The first one checked the chip number and told me I had to call a different registry. The second registry (24 pet watch) was able to tell me the owner’s name, give me several phone numbers and another contact name and number. They also took my information presumably so they could call the owner, too. When he picked her up he told me he had phoned the chip company from the airport and made sure everything on the registry was up to date. I guess that was the best an owner can do from a distance like that. I don’t know if I would have thought of that!! Good Job!

That’s how I spent my morning. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to make a concerted effort this week to be sure all my dogs’ chips are properly registered. (I mess up, too!!) And if you have a dog that is not microchipped, I can do that at the house here for $25 or gather your greyhound friends and we can have a microchip party. Or I can travel and I can chip non-greyhounds, too. If you prefer, your vet can chip your dog(s). If you don’t know if your dog is microchipped or not I have scanners that can tell us and your vet should have scanners, too. Microchipping works. Ask Fara!!


Put yourself in that owner’s place. It is scary. Fara is seven years old and black. If a pound had gotten her, or a speeding car, or a vicious dog, the results might have all been the same. It’s a tough world out there. We owe it to our dogs to take simple precautions. Double check the fence and double check the registration of the chip. And hug your hounds for me….

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,

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  1. Lisa Zlotziver says:

    This is quite important, and pertinent. Also, EVERY DOG THAT GOES TO A VET’S OFFICE FOR THE FIRST TIME SHOULD BE SCANNED BY THE DOCTOR! Why? Pets get stolen, or lost, and “kept” by a “Good Samaritan”, who really was thrilled to find a stray dog of a breed they admired, like a Yorkie, Poodle, or even a beautiful Greyhound. Please tell your vet to always do so. Even a pup you adopt from a rescue shelter may have someone else out there frantically searching for them, or someone who sadly gave up looking for him/her, their beloved companion animal. This one had a happy ending, but it is definitely a cautionary tale (tail?).