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Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
12/4/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

We know who is coming!!

On Wednesday afternoon, December 12th, we are scheduled to pick up five greyhounds at the Lufthansa Cargo offices in Miami. I am soooo excited!! I spoke with the coordinator for the whole project and she gave me information on the dogs that we will be receiving.

Our dogs are all “middle aged” and ready for Florida retirement! They are:

  • Speedy – Black male – 9 years old
  • Victory King – Black male – 7 ½ years old
  • Worthy Class – Red Brindle female – 8 ½ years old
  • Winning Star – Black female – will turn 8 years old the day after she arrives!
  • Zhujiang Winds – Black & White female – will be 9 in February.

(Note: the Macau racers are not listed on Greyhound-data)

Caryn, our coordinator from Grey2K for this whole thing, says that she hears that every group that has accepted dogs is amazed at how sweet and gentle and happy the Macau dogs are. I can’t wait!

Today Scott Sharp (Dusty’s dad) & I made a “dry run” to the cargo offices so we know where to go on the 12th. It’s still a bit confusing but it’ll give me more confidence for that day and Lord knows I don’t want to be late. And our long-time friend Andrea who has documented many of our milestones for FoG through the years, is going to ride along with us to film the arrival!

Our biggest impediment to getting the dogs from the tracks and into their homes quickly is mother nature. Their systems are used to a different schedule, time zones, languages, food, etc. We need to allow them time to acclimate and settle in before we try to get them to the veterinarian’s office to be spayed and neutered. Now that we know they are all seniors, that is even more important! Their systems will be going through enough of a shock with different time zones, different noises, food, people, languages, schedules, grass and so much more that we can’t imagine. They need some time to learn to trust us and to know their new home and to learn to be loved. It’s a great time for them to meet our friends, too.

They arrive on the 12th and adding 2 weeks to that puts us in that time between Christmas and New Years when many people, including our vets, take vacation time to spend with their families. So vet work will most likely take even more time. But these dogs are well worth waiting for.

We are thinking that we could probably schedule some “open house/kennel” time and those of you that want to come meet the Macau dogs can come to the house in Sunrise. Our yard isn’t huge but we have some chairs and a bench and it is fenced. You can meet the dogs and introduce them to your dog and maybe we can deliver him or her as soon as the vet is done.

So let us get the dogs in and we’ll see what we can put together. I’m so excited. It’ll be a very full house around here but that’s something I have really been missing. That’ll make my Christmas!! And I’m hoping there are people reading this who will make Christmas special for one of these dogs.