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Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
11/27/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


One week since the last Happy Tales Report and we have some changes to report.

On the local greyhound front, some of the tracks are attempting to operate just as they always have while they wait for the courts and public opinion to settle down. When I put together our track list for the previous blog, we had been told that tracks that were not racing at the time of the vote would not race again. Well, that was overturned. So they apparently are going to let the tracks race right up to the closing bell if they want to!!

Luckily, some of our local folks really don’t want to race dogs, preferring to host card rooms and slot machines. Works for me!! No dogs are injured at card tables or slot machines.

Hollywood Dog Track is fading into history. They now operate as the Big Easy Casino with lots of gambling of other sorts. I don’t object to that. I just don’t want them maiming and killing dogs to do it. I called today to verify it and I was told very clearly that Hollywood Dog Track and/or Big Easy Casino no longer conducts greyhound racing!! It is over. I’m sure they can’t wait to put that big oval track area to better use!!

Flagler dog track in Miami has been using their JaiAlai license for some time now to conduct their gaming and they have slot machines. They reinvented themselves as Magic City Casino and that is a strategy I heartily applaud!! The owners and management of Flagler have been a good supporters of Friends of Greyhounds. It has been awkward a few times but we worked together for the good of the dogs.

The Florida Kennels compound where we used to have our adoption kennel and office is co-owned by the Miami and Hollywood tracks. Now that neither is racing dogs, I suspect the bidding war for that huge and amazingly located property is ON!! Developers have been salivating over that thing for years. On our first visit to the Flagler track, the big, big boss of the daily operation, Bill Hutchinson, had us in his office. It was the day he made us their “official” adoption group. A secretary walked in and laid some papers on his desk and he told her to send the guy away. He then told us that they got million dollar offers for the Florida Kennels property on Red Road every week, but without the kennels, Hollywood and Flagler tracks couldn’t operate. (Bill was a good man. He made that greyhound business as good and humane as it could be. Even after he retired, we kept in touch a couple times a year.)

The Naples – Ft. Myers track kennels will be starting their live dog racing season on December 23rd and runs until some time in April. The Palm Beach track to our north is a year round track and despite all the activity, they haven’t missed a beat. I suppose they will run til they are legally shut down, December 31, 2020.

So we aren’t getting dogs locally right now – – but you think you want one??? We have a surprise for you – – Close your eyes – OOPS – don’t do that, or you can’t read the blog. (Sorry!) On Wednesday, December 12th, we will be receiving five racing greyhounds from the track closing in Macau. They had 650 greyhounds to re-home and they are paying for their airfare and travel kennels. We will pick them up that afternoon and settle them at the house. Maybe by that weekend we can have a little visitation day here at the house – or something. We’ll see.

Grey2K is working with the Macau track and a number of other supporters to get the dogs safely relocated. They asked that we give the dogs 14 days between arrival and vetting. They’ve already gotten all their shots and been tested for all the things you need to test for but we want them to get comfortable in our kennels, in this whole new world, new food, new noises. Then we will have them vetted and be ready for them to go to their new homes – – so we can schedule more of them!! So stay tuned – dogs are coming!! No, I do not know colors or sex or anything else. Woo-Hoo!!

Have a great week and give your dog a big hug from Momma Michelle, please!

P.S. – Since we haven’t had gatherings or adoptions much lately, our coffers are pretty bare but that wasn’t a problem. However, the insurance on the truck is due. I kinda thought I could figure on getting rid of it but now since it looks like we have a little bit of activity in our future, we need to keep it on the road and our insurance is coming due. Plus, the incoming dogs will need to visit the vet for spay or neuter. Yes that gets reimbursed from the adoption fee but we need it up front. Jerry & I have been carrying FoG for some time now and our social security doesn’t go a long way. So if you can spare a few bucks, please donate online or drop us a check. A little something multiplied by the number of people reading our blog would make one heck of a difference!! Thank you so much!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,

Preparing kennels in Macau to send greyhounds to the United States.