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Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
11/13/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

Updates – Confusion, Rumors, Errors & Greyhounds! Oh, My!

Friends of Greyhounds is still here and will be until all the dogs are settled. After that, we will be here (God willin’ and the creek don’t rise) for dogs that may need to be re-adopted. Things happen and we will be here to help.

I posted a list of the tracks’ closing schedules but several of them individually have gone to court to get extensions. I will try to update that list next week. Things should be settled by then. The list of tracks initially came from the National Greyhound Association and it has been pointed out to me that Sarasota does not appear on the list. No, I have no idea why not but I’ve been told that they received a special extension since the dogs were already onsite. (I don’t understand why that kept them from being listed??)

So let me summarize that this is one of the most confused and tangled events we have been part of but it is worth seeing it all through. We just have to focus on the real goal – getting the dogs into homes. Friends of Greyhounds is ready to take dogs in for adoption but we do not currently have any available dogs in the kennel. We have received a number of calls and emails from people who are under the impression that all the groups are suddenly overloaded with dogs. I’ve had people say they heard we had 3,000 dogs looking for homes and today a caller said he was told that there were 15,000 dogs that would need to be fostered!!! WOW – let’s get real people!

First of all, the law says that there will be no greyhound racing in Florida after December 31, 2020. That’s two years away. The racing professionals are still getting their ducks in a row and figuring how they are going to handle all of this. If the tracks are re-arranging their schedules, it affects them all the way down to the kennel level. So don’t panic yet. These first couple of weeks will allow them to figure out what way they are going. There are many, many adoption groups standing by to accept the retiring dogs and many secondary people whose jobs are affected, too. Government entities are even reviewing their gambling laws so that the impact on incomes and jobs in their areas are not too adversely affected.

Personally, I’d like to see the tracks coordinate closing dates to effectively taper off the number of dogs racing and avoid the “dumping” of greyhounds that many people are anticipating. The media has been all over this subject but don’t worry, they will be off on another story soon and we will still be here.

Did you know – – FoG was mentioned in Time’s online story!! Elite Greyhounds from Loxahatchee was in it too. We were just links but how cool is that!! However it generated a ton of people calling to adopt greyhounds from us and we don’t have any! We are telling people to work through their local adoption groups. I love running dogs around in my van but we had calls from Arizona, Alaska, New Mexico and Canada – and that’s just what I can remember.

If you are reading this from a distance away from our location in South Florida, I suggest you contact your local adoption group by going to: Then click on your state for a list of greyhound agencies near you. We will all be working together for the sake of the dogs.

We are holding onto the emails of people out of the area who have reached out to us already and we intend to notify them when dogs become available but we honestly have no idea how this is going to work. To add to the confusion, remember that many dogs are in the kennels at the tracks but there are also many dogs that are not racing that are on the farms. There are brood moms, youngsters, injured and retired dogs, etc. Also, there is still racing in other states so many breeders will be evaluating their choices.

So hug your dogs and hang on. I am going to work on the theory that all of our local adopters and friends could find room for at least one foster if needed and as you probably know, I am not afraid to ask for help. I do think that we should plan a celebration for the passing of Amendment 13. At least we’re not re-counting that!! So keep an eye on your email and we’ll be setting up a party, soon. (If you don’t get our emails, go to the FoG website and click on Contact Us. There are forms there to add your email.) Let’s party!!! We will see the end of Greyhound Racing in Florida!!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,