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Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
10/21/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


Amendment 13 phases out commercial dog racing in
connection with wagering by 2020.
Other gaming activities are not affected.
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What is D Kennel?
Words from a previous Director of the Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering

I received the following from a lady named Gail. I know some of you are receiving similar questions from friends – or maybe you were thinking it, too. So I thought I would share my answer

Gail wrote:

I want racing to end and save these beautiful animals. But my concern is what will happen to all the beautiful animals that are involved in racing and in the breeding kennels? Is there a plan for them, or will they be killed?

Signed – Gail, Dog Lover & Voter

Dear Gail –

The people in the racing dog business have been seeing this coming towards them for years. The tracks are fewer in number, run way less races each and there is less money in the business. The farms started cutting back breeding programs a couple years ago. Breeding is generally on a farm and they are more attached to the dogs. The people I know from breeding farms would go to the extra trouble to be sure their dogs land in homes even if they didn’t qualify for racing.

Transporting dogs to Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Additionally, we have many, many greyhound adoption groups that like us, have stayed in the industry because we knew this day was coming. Jerry and I would have liked to be cruising or traveling for our retirement but we have chosen to stay close to home to be here to “catch” the dogs that are the fallout of greyhound racing.

We can’t afford another car so my husband drives his “normal” car and I drive a huge, high top, NV2500 van. It’s like those vans they delivered your couch in!! But we keep it because we can stack crates inside and safely carry up to 13 greyhounds in air conditioning if we need to take them to other groups. Over the years we have delivered bunches of greys to dozens of groups as far away as Pennsylvania and Tennessee!!

So – fewer dogs, “last chance to get one”, and all of our groups’ combined supporters and adopters means there won’t be any leftover dogs, I assure you. All of us “long term” adoption groups are real softies for the seniors, the sick or the injured. Our vets, our vans, our volunteers are ready. We will be there for them.

So please help your friends get to the polls. This is the best chance we have EVER had to stop the over-breeding and murder of these gentle creatures! Vote YES on Amendment 13. Please – For DOG’s sake!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,

Some photos from the FoG Meetup at Panera Bread Café…