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Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
10/2/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

The Politics of Greyhounds – –

I can’t believe it has been four years since FoG left the Hialeah kennel. That area has changed so much. Red Road has been straightened out and expanded and they’ve added even more apartment complexes down there. Winn Dixie is still there but under another name and of course, the fast food franchises are doing great. But the kennel is looking pretty quiet and empty and I hope for all the dogs’ sakes, they are happily settled somewhere.

One of the biggest concerns from the greyhound adopters I have spoken with is that if there is no racing, what will happen to all the race dogs? Well, there are several answers to that question because it is a choice that the owners and trainers will make. As I understand it, the law change would give the tracks two years to phase out dog racing. I don’t know if it allows them to close immediately or if they must work out the remainder of their schedules. I will do some research this week. We hope for the sake of the dogs, that they will allow the adoption groups to take them and find them homes. But the owners of that huge chunk of land on Red Road that we called Florida Kennels are just waiting for the law to change so they can move out the dogs and move in the bulldozers!!

Racing dogs are privately owned and the owners can do what they want with the dogs as long as it is not considered brutality or inhumane. In other words, they can’t just stop feeding them or beat them but they can have a vet put a healthy dog to sleep. They don’t need a reason. We hope that all the hard working dogs will be given to adoption groups so they can find loving homes to live out their days. But the decision is in the hands of the owners and trainers. All we can do is to be here if they offer us the dogs. Many of the kennel people love their dogs but it’s not their choice and often the bosses who may be in other parts of the country call the shots.

We don’t know how all of this will turn out. The two year time allowance should give the dogs’ owners time to make arrangements for their dogs whether they own two or two hundred. Florida has a very strong adoption network and I am certain we will ALL answer this last call.

So, on a secondary note, I just want to clarify that Friends of Greyhounds is still here. We are working from the house but it’s good system. Jerry and I (Michelle) still have the kennels in the garage and folding crates as needed. The fence is solid and the dogs enjoy running in the yard. We are ready, willing an able to accept any dogs that need to get into homes. Our vets still love us and we are here for the greyhounds. And the van is gassed up, full of crates, and ready to go if we need to move dogs out to other areas.

For now, we are dog sitting – – Greyhounds only of course, and we LOVE it!! And FoG will be ready if/when the tracks close and dogs need to get into homes. We also know that sometimes things happen and dogs need to be returned. We are still here to accept returning dogs and help them find new homes. And our phone numbers are still the same so if you have a question or problem, call or email me. And you remember our manta – – “If you don’t like me, call Jerry – But CALL somebody!!”

Although we do not currently have any dogs for adoption, we all know that situation could turn on a dime! So Vote YES on Amendment 13 so that we can close the tracks, clear the kennels and get these wonderful dogs into homes. Jerry and I would like to take a vacation!! If you have questions or concerns about the tracks closing or about Amendment 13, please feel free to email me. I’d be happy to help clarify things – – or dig deeper into them if it’s something I haven’t heard about. And if I hear some of the same themes coming through, it’ll be a good blog for next week! (Email is

Have a GREYT week and tell your friends to vote YES on Amendment 13. Let the dogs stop “running for their lives.”