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Michelle’s Happy Tales Report
1/8/19 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


Victory King and Speedy have come a long way to find a home here in South Florida. They were both professional racers at the Macau Canidrome. Now that the Canidrome is being closed, they and a number of other racing Greyhounds were sent to America to find homes and families where they can live out their lives. Yes, these are retired racing Greyhounds that speak Chinese and possibly Portuguese. Their best chance of a successful adoption would be to place them with owners that have greyhound experience. And they would love to come live with you.

The Macau racers are a bit smaller than our local guys. Speedy stands about 33″ tall and King is another inch or two taller. Only people who already have greys would notice the difference. They are both sleek black dogs with a white blaze on their chest.

They are quiet and seldom bark, and both came to us with full documentation including an international health certificate, and their own “passports”. They have had every immunization your vet could think of and they each have an internationally recognized microchip. One interesting thing we discovered is that they are not on heartworm prevention because Macau doesn’t have heartworm!

Both of them were recently neutered by our dear Dr. Willie at VCA Promenade in Lauderhill. He did what he could with their teeth but that is definitely their downside. Apparently dental care was not important in Macau. Dr. Willie has gotten them started with as good a dental cleaning as he could but you will need to follow up and keep an eye on those toothies!! They love shank bones from the butcher and that will help a lot.

They are really showing some personality as they discover the toys in their kennels. Squeakers don’t last long and based on what we have seen, neither of these guys will be able to live with cats or small critters. Regarding adoption, we will still be adopting to the standards in our application and Manual. These dogs have been raised differently than our American racers but most of the same standards apply. We will of course be here for any dog that needs to be returned or to give help in any way we can.

Victory King

The adoption fee is normally $225 but we really want to see these guys land in good homes soon. I can’t wait for them to learn about living outside of a kennel. So we will give preference to previous greyhound adopters and lower the adoption fee to $175. Give us a call or drop me an email if you have questions or if you’d like to come meet the new boys in town. They will need a crate to get started with but we can probably loan you one if you don’t have yours any longer. Please consider coming to meet King and Speedy. Call Michelle at 954-937-9663 to arrange a visit. If nothing else, you can tell other people all about the Macau Greyhounds!!

Victory King is 7 years old, born March 14th, 2011, and he is very healthy, strong and handsome. He is a patient and quiet guy but loves attention and has been caught enjoying a sqeaky toy when no one is looking. Being a Pisces, he is wiling to curl up on the couch and watch soap operas with you or take you to the park to chase birds or nap in the sunshine. A very giving and selfless guy.


Speedy (yes, that’s all the racing name we have) is also black, healthy and shiny. He was born August 1, 2010 and is 8 years old. He is a Cancer which predicts that he will be intuitive, sensitive and “home loving.” He has now been uprooted from his former life and sent across the world to people with strange languages, rules, food . . . So, can you imagine how grateful he will feel when he finally gets a real home? I predict that Speedy will be a great partner to go through life with. He has come a long way and deserves a wonderful home. How about yours?

Speedy Enjoys a Head Rub